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The CyberNoise Directives 2015 (Best Of Year 2015)

by Graham Needham (© 14th December 2015)

The CyberNoise yearly lists are compiled from the music that has been played the most by the CyberNoise team this year, using various metrics including iTunes play counts, longevity, personal memory and most importantly those albums still on rotation months after their release - they are in no specific order. The gigs of the year and design awards sections are purely CyberNoise's favourites based on what stood out to us the most from this year! Well done to everyone on this year's lists. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

10 Albums Of The Year 2015

Carter Tutti Void f(x) front cover image picture

Carter Tutti Void

• f(x)
Chant Brave New Apocalypse front cover image picture


• Brave New Apocalypse
The Prodigy The Day Is My Enemy front cover image picture

The Prodigy

• The Day Is My Enemy There's also a remix album:
John Carpenter Lost Themes front cover image picture

John Carpenter

• Lost Themes There's also a remix album:
Kung Fury Original Film Soundtrack front cover image picture

Various Artists

• Kung Fury (Original Film Soundtrack) Not available on CD but it is available on
limited edition vinyl LP
New Order Music Complete front cover image picture

New Order

• Music Complete There's also a box set which includes additional extended mixes and a HD 24-Bit/96kHz FLAC download:
Jean-Michel Jarre Electronica 1: The Time Machine front cover image picture

Jean-Michel Jarre

• Electronica 1: The Time Machine
Martin Gore MG front cover image picture

MG (Martin Gore)

• MG
The Egyptian Lover 1984 front cover image picture

The Egyptian Lover

• 1984 Also available on Old Skool cassette
The Department Alpha front cover image picture

The Department

• Alpha Also available on physical limited edition CD

10 Compilations and Reissues 2015

Carter Tutti Play Chris & Cosey front cover image picture

Carter Tutti

• Carter Tutti Play Chris & Cosey

2xLP, CD or digital remix album
Ministry Trax Box front cover image picture

Ministry + Revolting Cocks + Pailhead + 1000 Homo DJs + PTP + Acid Horse

• Trax! Box

7xCD+LP limited edition box set (2500 copies worldwide) or digital
Mark Snow Millennium Vol 2 Original TV Soundtrack front cover image picture

Mark Snow

• Millennium Volume 2 (Original TV Soundtrack)

limited edition 2xCD (2000 copies worldwide)
Information Society Encode! Classic Remixes, Vol. 3 set front cover image picture

Information Society

• Encode! Classic Remixes, Vol. 3

Digital only remix album
Advanced Art Darkhive: The Tape & Vinyl Years front cover image picture

Advanced Art

• Darkhive: The Tape & Vinyl Years

Vinyl or digital
Underworld Second Toughest In The Infants deluxe edition front cover image picture


• Second Toughest In The Infants

Remastered deluxe edition 2xLP, 2xCD or digital Remastered super deluxe edition 4xCD box set or digital
Front Line Assembly Hard Wired 20th anniversary box set front cover image picture

Front Line Assembly

• Hard Wired

Ltd 20th anniversary 6xLP box set (300 copies worldwide) Standard album also available digitally
Hard Corps Radio Sessions front cover image picture

Hard Corps

• Radio Sessions

Digital only album
Tony Banks A Chord Too Far front cover image picture

Tony Banks

• A Chord Too Far

4xCD set or digital
Coil 8 Threshold Archives reissues front cover image picture


• Eight Albums

Threshold Archives 8xCD set (available individually)
Order online from Boomkat

Gigs Of The Year 2015

Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey (Live at Heaven, London 15/02/2015)

15th February

Carter Tutti play Chris & Cosey
Heaven, London, UK
Node (Live at Royal College of Music, London 27/02/2015)

27th February

Royal College Of Music, London, UK

21st September

Die Krupps
Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
Kraftwerk (Live at Forum Karlín, Prague 03/12/2015)

3rd December

Forum Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic

Officially Released Live Video Awards 2015

1st - OMD - Dazzle Ships At The Museum Of Liverpool

--> Finally, some decent electronic music related live concerts were released on video in 2015 and in first place it has to be OMD with great packaging, awesome video and of course brilliant music! There was also a 1080p HD download available and even when there were problems with the audio on the DVD and downloads OMD sorted out replacements with little fuss.

(Was) available on DVD or digital download:
Unfortunately this live concert video was only available via a PledgeMusic campaign which has now closed.

2nd - KMFDM - We Are KMFDM

--> Another excellent live concert release which also included a 30th anniversary documentary!

Buy, rent/stream or download including HD options:
Order DVD online directly from the band!
Officially rent/stream or download online via Vimeo.

3rd - Rammstein - Rammstein In Amerika

--> And a hard hitting third place offering from Rammstein which is also available in HD on Blu-Ray.

Available on DVD or Blu-Ray:
DVD Blu-Ray

Recommended Documentaries of 2015

Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay

--> A fascinating documentary that traces the origins of "Industrial" music and is a must see!

Available on DVD or Blu-Ray:
Order online directly from the producers!

808 The Movie

--> Documentary celebrating the legendary Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer / drum machine

Not available to purchase yet.

Design Awards 2015

1st The Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt

7" shaped white vinyl in pyramid sleeve (2000 copies worldwide)
--> Triangular white vinyl of The Egyptian Lover's first single. Custom sleeve – thick black board, gold foil printing, magnets – 8 panels folding into a pyramid!

2nd - Amȯn Tȯbin - Dark Jovian

2x12" white vinyl (500 copies worldwide)
--> Amazing, double single-sided 180g etched, white vinyl 12" singles encased in a white, branded, rubber housing, all packaged in a printed transparent plastic box - design by Alexander Brown

3rd - Ministry - Trax! Box

7xCD+LP box set (2500 copies worldwide)
--> 7xCD + LP + 64 page book in patent leather-bound, foil embossed box set - design by Mike Lopez

Recommendations For 2016 - Watch and LISTEN out for them!
(Oh and BUY their stuff of course…)

The CyberNoise Directives


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