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Celebrating Women In Electronic Music

by Graham Needham (© 8th March 2015)

This is a list of women involved in electronic miusic that is automatically generated from our People database. You can add women here (free registration required).

Dorona Alberti (records as Dorona Alberti)
Laurie Anderson (records as Laurie Anderson)
Ruth Anderson (recorded as Ruth Anderson) [RIP 29th November 2019]
Bebe Barron [RIP 20th April 2008]
Sarah Blackwood (records as Sarah Blackwood)
Claire Boucher (records as Grimes)
Claudia Brücken (records as Claudia Brücken)
Tara Busch (records as Tara Busch)
Julie Campbell (records as LoneLady)
Wendy Carlos (records as Wendy Carlos)
Joanne Catherall
Suzanne Ciani (records as Suzanne Ciani)
Sonia Clarke (records as Sonique)
Debian Curry
Delia Derbyshire (recorded as Delia Derbyshire) [RIP 3rd July 2001]
Karin Dreijer (records as Fever Ray)
Anne Dudley (records as Anne Dudley)
Erica Dunham (records as Unter Null)
Nic Endo (records as Nic Endo)
Regine Fetet [RIP]
Susanne Freytag
Diamanda Galás (records as Diamanda Galás)
Anja Garbarek (records as Anja Garbarek)
Stefani Germanotta (records as Lady Gaga)
Beth Gibbons (records as Beth Gibbons)
Alice Glass (records as Alice Glass)
Billie Godfrey (records as Billie Godfrey)
Alison Goldfrapp (records as Alison Goldfrapp)
Lorita Grahame
Björk Guðmundsdóttir (records as Björk)
Caroline Hervé (records as Miss Kittin)
Victoria Hesketh (records as Little Boots)
Nicole Hummel (records as Zola Jesus)
Ladan Hussein (records as Ladan Hussein)
Elly Jackson
Caroline K (recorded as Caroline K) [RIP 12th July 2008]
Mari Kattman (records as Mari Kattman)
Jonna Lee (records as ionnalee)
Klara Lewis (records as Klara Lewis)
Annea Lockwood (records as Annea Lockwood)
Traci Lords (records as Traci Lords)
Helen Marnie (records as Marnie)
Rose McDowall (records as Rose McDowall)
Gillian Morris
Rachel Mosleh
Alison Moyet (records as Alison Moyet)
Kim Myzalle
Leigh Nash (records as Leigh Nash)
Lee Newman [RIP 4th August 1995]
Pauline Oliveros (recorded as Pauline Oliveros) [RIP 24th November 2016]
Daphne Oram (recorded as Daphne Oram) [RIP 5th January 2003]
Else Marie Pade (recorded as Else Marie Pade) [RIP 18th January 2016]
Annette Peacock (records as Annette Peacock)
Hannah Peel (records as Hannah Peel)
Clara Rockmore (recorded as Clara Rockmore) [RIP 10th May 1998]
Polly Scattergood (records as Polly Scattergood)
Berenice Scott (records as Berenice Scott)
Ann Shenton
Laurie Spiegel (records as Laurie Spiegel)
Samantha Sprackling (records as Saffron)
Susan Ann Sulley
Donna Summer (recorded as Donna Summer) [RIP 17th May 2012]
Susanne Sundfør (records as Susanne Sundfør)
Tracey Thorn (records as Tracey Thorn)
Liz Torres
Cosey Fanni Tutti (records as Cosey Fanni Tutti)
Veronica Vasicka (records as Veronica Vasicka)
Nik Colk Void (records as Nik Colk Void)


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