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#WaxTraxFriday 2019 Anniversaries

by Graham Needham (© 11th January 2019)

#WaxTraxFriday 2019 Important Anniversaries

Releases - 30th | 25th | 20th Anniversaries

RELEASE GALLERY - scroll down for the full important anniversary catalogue listing

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Wax Trax! Releases - 30th | 25th | 20th Anniversaries Catalogue Listing

ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Revolting CocksStainless Steel ProvidersSingleWAX 0421989view icon
Controlled BleedingSongs From The Grinding WallSingleWAX 0441989view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoStorm The StudioAlbumWAX 0661989view icon
Greater Than OneLondonAlbumWAX 0691989view icon
P.T.P.Rubber Glove SeductionSingleWAX 0731989view icon
The Genetic TerroristsRevoSingleWAX 0741989view icon
Greater Than OneI Don't Need GodSingleWAX 0781989view icon
LaibachDie LiebeSingleWAX 0791989view icon
Acid HorseNo Name, No SloganSingleWAX 0811989view icon
AjaxMind The GapSingleWAX 0821989view icon
<PIG>Sick CitySingleWAX 0841989view icon
Pankow(1)Freedom For The SlavesAlbumWAX 0851989view icon
Revolting Cocks(Let's Get) PhysicalSingleWAX 0861989view icon
Front Line AssemblyNo LimitSingleWAX 0871989view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultKooler Than JesusSingleWAX 0881989view icon
Controlled BleedingThe Fodder SongSingleWAX 0911989view icon
Lead Into GoldChicks & Speed: FuturismSingleWAX 0921989view icon
Clock DVABuried DreamsAlbumWAX 0941989view icon
Pankow(1)GiselaAlbumWAX 0951989view icon
Greater Than OneUtopiaSingleWAX 0991989view icon
Greater Than OneG-ForceAlbumWAX 1001989view icon
Noise UnitGrinding Into EmptinessAlbumWAX 1011989view icon
Noise UnitDeceitSingleWAX 1021989view icon
The Anti GroupBroadcast TestSingleWAX 1041989view icon
Clock DVASound MirrorSingleWAX 1051989view icon
K.M.F.D.M.VirusSingleWAX 1081989view icon
Greater Than OneIndexAlbumWAX 1641989view icon
Front 242Never Stop!SingleWAX 070Mar 1989view icon
Clock DVAThe ActSingleWAX 071Mar 1989view icon
Front Line AssemblyGashed Senses & CrossfireAlbumWAX 075Apr 1989view icon
A Split SecondThe Colosseum CrashSingleWAX 076Apr 1989view icon
K.M.F.D.M.UAIOEAlbumWAX 083Sep 1989view icon
FoetusSinkAlbumWAX 110Oct 1989view icon
Mussolini HeadkickThemes For Violent RetributionAlbumWAX 098Nov 1989view icon
Pankow(1)Show You Their DongsSingleWAX 109Nov 1989view icon
Various ArtistsArtificial Intelligence IIAlbumWAX 2071994view icon
Various ArtistsMotionVideoWAX 2201994view icon
Various ArtistsBlack Box (A Video Retrospective) Volume 1VideoWAX 2211994view icon
Various ArtistsBlack Box (A Video Retrospective) Volume 2VideoWAX 2221994
Various ArtistsArtificial Intelligence IIAlbumWAX 2231994view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax! Records - The First 13 Years - A Limited Edition SamplerAlbumWAX 2261994view icon
Various ArtistsAfterburnAlbumWAX 2281994view icon
Chris Connelly & William TuckerSongs For Swinging JunkiesSingleWAX 87101994view icon
Various ArtistsTracks From Ethnotechno Volume 1SingleWAX 87111994view icon
P.T.P.Rubber Glove SeductionSingleWAX 87151994view icon
Die WarzauLiberatedSingleWAX 87161994view icon
AutechreBasscad EPSingleWAX 87171994view icon
UnderworldRez / CowgirlSingleWAX 87181994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.GlorySingleWAX 87191994view icon
Sister Machine GunNothingSingleWAX 87201994view icon
Chris ConnellyCandyman CollapseSingleWAX 87211994view icon
UnderworldDirty Epic / CowgirlSingleWAX 87221994view icon
UnderworldCowgirl RemixesSingleWAX 87241994view icon
UnderworldDirty EpicSingleWAX 87251994view icon
AutechreIncunabulaAlbumWAX 21025 Jan 1994view icon
Sister Machine GunWiredSingleWAX 870925 Jan 1994view icon
Kenny LarkinAzimuthAlbumWAX 2198 Feb 1994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Naïve Hell To GoAlbumWAX 2131 Mar 1994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.LightSingleWAX 87121 Mar 1994view icon
Sister Machine GunThe Torture TechniqueAlbumWAX 20915 Mar 1994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.VogueSingleWAX 871419 Apr 1994view icon
UnderworlddubnobasswithmyheadmanAlbumWAX 21726 Jul 1994view icon
Richard H. KirkVirtual StateAlbumWAX 21813 Sep 1994view icon
Chris ConnellyShipwreckAlbumWAX 2144 Oct 1994view icon
Various ArtistsBlackbox WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 YearsBox SetWAX 212Nov 1994view icon
Various ArtistsBlackbox WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 YearsBox SetWAX 227Nov 1994view icon
K.M.F.D.M. vs PigSin Sex & SalvationSingleWAX 87231 Dec 1994view icon
Various ArtistsAdam X Wax Trax! MasterMix - Volume 2AlbumWAX 2551999view icon
FrontsideDümmerungSingleWAX 2611999view icon
FrontsideLBPSingleWAX 2621999view icon
Expansion UnionWorld Wide FunkSingleWAX 2691999view icon
PillsRock MeSingleWAX 2811999view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax! Records Presents MasterMixAlbumWAX 2851999view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax! & TVT Records Present Master MixAlbumWAX 87621999view icon
FrontsideFrontsideAlbumWAX 26016 Feb 1999view icon
K.M.F.D.M.AdiosAlbumWAX 25820 Apr 1999view icon
Expansion UnionWorld Wide FunkAlbumWAX 26520 Apr 1999view icon
VNV NationPraise The FallenAlbumWAX 27020 Apr 1999view icon
PillsElectrocaïneAlbumWAX 2804 May 1999view icon
ChainsuckKindly Stop For MeAlbumWAX 27515 Jun 1999view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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