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The Chemical Brothers Discography


Exit Planet Dust1995view icon
Dig Your Own Hole7 April 1997view icon
Surrender21 June 1999view icon
Come With Us2002view icon
Singles 93-03 [selection/best of]September 2003view icon
Push The ButtonJanuary 2005view icon
We Are The NightJune 2007view icon
B-Sides Volume 1 [selection/best of]26 November 2007view icon
Brotherhood [selection/best of]September 2008view icon
The Chemical Brothers Further Album primary image cover photoFurtherJune 2010view icon
Hanna [soundtrack]July 2011view icon
Don't Think [live]April 2012view icon
The Chemical Brothers Born In The Echoes Album primary image cover photoBorn In The Echoes24 July 2015view icon
The Chemical Brothers No Geography Album primary image cover photoNo Geography12 April 2019view icon

Box Sets

Gift Pack [selection/best of]August 2010view icon
Classic Album Selection [selection/best of]November 2013view icon


Life Is Sweet1995view icon
Leave HomeJune 1995view icon
Loops of Fury1996view icon
Setting Sun1996view icon
Where Do I Begin1997view icon
Block Rockin' Beats24 March 1997view icon
Elektrobank25 August 1997view icon
The Private Psychedelic ReelDecember 1997view icon
Hey Boy Hey Girl24 May 1999view icon
Let Forever Be26 July 1999view icon
Out Of Control4 October 1999view icon
Music:Response6 March 2000view icon
It Began In Afrika10 September 2001view icon
Electronic Battle Weapon 52002view icon
Electronic Battle Weapon 62002view icon
AmericanEP2002view icon
Star Guitar14 January 2002view icon
Come With Us / The Test22 April 2002view icon
The Chemical Brothers featuring The Flaming Lips
The Golden Path
15 September 2003view icon
Get Yourself HighNovember 2003view icon
Electronic Battle Weapon 7October 2004view icon
GalvanizeJanuary 2005view icon
Believe18 April 2005view icon
The Boxer11 July 2005view icon
Live 0528 November 2005view icon
Electronic Battle Weapon 8 & 9December 2006view icon
Battlescars (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve)2007view icon
Do It AgainJune 2007view icon
Salmon Dance10 September 2007view icon
Electronic Battle Weapon 102008view icon
Midnight Madness18 August 2008view icon
Keep My Composure1 September 2008view icon
Escape VelocityApril 2010view icon
SwoonAugust 2010view icon
Another World16 August 2010view icon
Theme For Velodrome2012view icon
Electronic Battle Weapon 1130 June 2015view icon
The Chemical Brothers Go Single primary image cover photoGo18 July 2015view icon
The Chemical Brothers Wide Open (The Remixes) Single primary image cover photoWide Open (The Remixes)18 December 2015view icon
The Chemical Brothers C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L Single primary image cover photoC-H-E-M-I-C-A-L4 November 2016view icon
The Chemical Brothers Free Yourself Single primary image cover photoFree Yourself28 September 2018view icon
The Chemical Brothers MAH Single primary image cover photoMAH7 January 2019view icon
The Chemical Brothers Go To Keep On Single primary image cover photoGo To Keep On15 March 2019view icon


Radio 1 Anti-Nazi Mix1997view icon
Universal Music Publishing Sampler [selection/best of]2003view icon
The Chemical Brothers [selection/best of]2010view icon

Interview Items

Interview May 1999May 1999view icon


Singles 93-03 [selection/best of]September 2003view icon
Videos Volume 2 [selection/best of]11 August 2008view icon

Music Videos

The Chemical Brothers featuring Beck
Wide Open
25 January 2016view icon
Free Yourself14 November 2018view icon
MAH (Live in London/Visuals Version)7 January 2019view icon
Got To Keep On6 February 2019view icon
We've Got To Try8 March 2019view icon

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