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Clock DVA Discography


The Sex Beyond Entanglement1978view icon
Fragment1979view icon
White Souls In Black CoatsDecember 1980view icon
Thirst1981view icon
Clock DVA Advantage Album primary image cover photoAdvantage1983view icon
Clock DVA Buried Dreams Album primary image cover photoBuried Dreams1989view icon
Clock DVA Transitional Voices Album primary image cover photoTransitional Voices [live]1990view icon
Clock DVA Man - Amplified Album primary image cover photoMan - AmplifiedMarch 1992view icon
Digital SoundtracksNovember 1992view icon
Clock DVA Sign Album primary image cover photoSignSeptember 1993view icon
Collective [selection/best of]1994view icon
Clock DVA Post-Sign Album primary image cover photoPost-SignJuly 2013view icon
Clock DVA Clock 2 Album primary image cover photoClock 22014view icon
Lomticks Of Time [selection/best of]2016view icon
Sex Works Beyond Entanglement [selection/best of]2016view icon
Deep Floor [selection/best of]2016view icon
TO BE CONFIRMED2020view icon

Box Sets

Horology: A Chronology Of DVAtion 1978-80March 2012view icon
Horology 2: The Future & Radiophonic DvationsJuly 2015view icon
Clock DVA Horology III Tape, Reel - Recordings & Art 1978 - 1980 Box Set primary image cover photoHorology III Tape, Reel - Recordings & Art 1978 - 1980 [selection/best of]11 February 2019view icon
Horology 1-3 Recordings 1977-1980 [selection/best of]April 2021view icon


4 HoursMay 1981view icon
High Holy Disco Mass1982view icon
Passions Still AflameMay 1982view icon
Breakdown1983view icon
ResistanceApril 1983view icon
Clock DVA The Hacker Single primary image cover photoThe HackerDecember 1988view icon
Clock DVA Hacker (Hacked) Single primary image cover photoHacker (Hacked)1989view icon
Sound Mirror1989view icon
Clock DVA The Act Single primary image cover photoThe ActMarch 1989view icon
Clock DVA Final Program Single primary image cover photoFinal Program1991view icon
Black Words On White Paper1992view icon
Clock DVA Bitstream Single primary image cover photoBitstreamJune 1992view icon
Clock DVA Voice Recognition Test Single primary image cover photoVoice Recognition TestSeptember 1993view icon
Clock DVA Eternity Single primary image cover photoEternityAugust 1994view icon
Re-Konstructor2014view icon
Clock DVA Neo Post Sign EP Single primary image cover photoNeo Post Sign EP8 April 2015view icon
Flowers Of Evagination2016view icon
NeotericApril 2016view icon
Clock DVA Neoteric RMX4 Single primary image cover photoNeoteric RMX430 April 2019view icon
Retrospective 1976-1981 [selection/best of]July 2020view icon


Clock DVA Kinetic Engineering Video primary image cover photoKinetic Engineering1993view icon

Music Videos

Hacker TV2008view icon
Voice Recognition Test (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
Technogeist (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
The Hacker (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
NYC Overload (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
Man Amplifiers (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
Final Program (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
Bitstream (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
Axiomatic And Hueristic (DVATV Version)24 September 2008view icon
Phase IV9 April 2013view icon
Project Paperclip / Post Sign28 February 2014view icon
The Fissure8 April 2015view icon

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