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Erasure Discography


Wonderland2 June 1986view icon
The Circus30 March 1987view icon
The Two Ring Circus7 December 1987view icon
The Innocents18 April 1988view icon
Wild!16 October 1989view icon
Chorus14 October 1991view icon
Pop! - The First 20 Hits [selection/best of]16 November 1992view icon
I Say I Say I Say16 May 1994view icon
Erasure23 October 1995view icon
Buried Treasure [selection/best of]1997view icon
Cowboy31 March 1997view icon
Erasure An Evening With Erasure Album primary image cover photoAn Evening With Erasure [live]1998view icon
Loveboat23 October 2000view icon
Moon & The Sky13 November 2001view icon
Other People's Songs27 January 2003view icon
Hits! [selection/best of]20 October 2003view icon
Nightbird24 January 2005view icon
Acoustic Tour, 2006 - Live At Shepherds Bush Empire, London 19 April 2006 [live]2006view icon
EIS Live [live]2006view icon
Buried Treasure II [selection/best of]2006view icon
Union Street3 April 2006view icon
Light At The End Of The World21 May 2007view icon
Live At The Royal Albert Hall [live]September 2007view icon
Total Pop! The First 40 Hits [selection/best of]23 February 2009view icon
Pop2! The Second 20 Hits [selection/best of]4 May 2009view icon
Live At The Roundhouse 25 Oct 2011 [live]October 2011view icon
Tomorrow's World3 October 2011view icon
Essential [selection/best of]March 2012view icon
Snow Globe11 November 2013view icon
Erasure The Violet Flame Album primary image cover photoThe Violet Flame22 September 2014view icon
Erasure Always – The Very Best Of Erasure Album primary image cover photoAlways – The Very Best Of Erasure30 October 2015view icon
Erasure World Be Gone Album primary image cover photoWorld Be Gone19 May 2017view icon
Erasure World Beyond Album primary image cover photoWorld Beyond9 March 2018view icon
Erasure World Be Live Album primary image cover photoWorld Be Live [live]18 June 2018view icon

Box Sets

Singles Box 113 December 1999view icon
Singles Box 213 December 1999view icon
Singles Box 32001view icon
Singles Box 42001view icon
Erasure From Moscow To Mars An Erasure Anthology Box Set primary image cover photoFrom Moscow To Mars An Erasure Anthology [selection/best of]9 December 2016view icon
Erasure EBX6 / Singles Box Set primary image cover photoEBX6 / Singles [selection/best of]30 November 2018view icon


Who Needs Love Like That2 September 1985view icon
Heavenly Action11 November 1985view icon
Oh L'Amour21 April 1986view icon
Sometimes6 October 1986view icon
It Doesn't Have To Be16 February 1987view icon
Victim Of Love18 May 1987view icon
The Circus21 September 1987view icon
Ship Of Fools22 February 1988view icon
Chains Of Love31 May 1988view icon
A Little Respect19 September 1988view icon
She Won't Be Home (Lonely Christmas)November 1988view icon
Crackers International EP28 November 1988view icon
La Gloria1989view icon
Drama!18 September 1989view icon
You Surround Me27 November 1989view icon
Push Me Shove Me1990view icon
Ship Of Fools (Remix)1990view icon
Blue Savannah26 February 1990view icon
Star21 May 1990view icon
Chorus17 June 1991view icon
Love To Hate You9 September 1991view icon
Am I Right?25 November 1991view icon
Take A Chance On Me1992view icon
Breath Of Life16 March 1992view icon
Abba-Esque EP1 June 1992view icon
Who Needs Love Like That (Remix)October 1992view icon
Always11 April 1994view icon
Run To The Sun18 July 1994view icon
I Love Saturday21 November 1994view icon
Stay With MeSeptember 1995view icon
Fingers And Thumbs27 November 1995view icon
Rock Me Gently12 February 1996view icon
In My Arms6 January 1997view icon
Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me24 February 1997view icon
Rain13 October 1997view icon
Freedom9 October 2000view icon
Solsbury Hill2003view icon
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)2003view icon
Oh L'Amour (Remix)October 2003view icon
Breathe18 January 2005view icon
Don't Say You Love MeFebruary 2005view icon
Here I Go Impossible Again20 June 2005view icon
Boy27 March 2006view icon
I Could Fall In Love With You2 April 2007view icon
Sunday Girl11 June 2007view icon
Storm Chaser24 September 2007view icon
Pop! Remixed9 February 2009view icon
Erasure.Club6 August 2009view icon
Phantom Bride EP9 October 2009view icon
A Little Respect (HMI Redux)3 December 2010view icon
When I Start To (Break It All Down)26 September 2011view icon
Be With You21 November 2011view icon
Fill Us With Fire5 March 2012view icon
The Best Of [selection/best of]1 August 2013view icon
Gaudete28 October 2013view icon
Make It Wonderful24 February 2014view icon
Erasure Elevation Single primary image cover photoElevation21 July 2014view icon
Erasure Reason Single primary image cover photoReason21 November 2014view icon
Erasure Sacred Single primary image cover photoSacred16 March 2015view icon
The Violet Flame Remixes18 April 2015view icon
Erasure Sometimes (2015 Remix) Single primary image cover photoSometimes (2015 Remix)23 October 2015view icon
Erasure Love You To The Sky Single primary image cover photoLove You To The Sky7 April 2017view icon
Erasure World Be Gone Single primary image cover photoWorld Be Gone28 July 2017view icon
Erasure Just A Little Love Single primary image cover photoJust A Little Love22 September 2017view icon


Private Ear'ache1989view icon

Tour Recordings

The Erasure Show Tour 2005 [live]2005view icon


Erasure (Singles) [selection/best of]July 1991view icon


Still It's Not Over (⁦Robbie Rivera Remix)14 June 2018view icon


Erasure Greatest Hits TV Ads Video primary image cover photoGreatest Hits TV Adsunknownview icon
Erasure Live In Cologne (3 X Tracks) Video primary image cover photoLive In Cologne (3 X Tracks)unknownview icon
Live At The Seaside [live]January 1987view icon
Innocents Live [live]January 1988view icon
Wild! Live At The London Arena [live]January 1989view icon
Erasure Wild! Trailer Video primary image cover photoWild! Trailer1990view icon
Abba-Esque EP1992view icon
Pop! The First Twenty Hits [selection/best of]November 1992view icon
The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon - Live! [live]March 1993view icon
Erasure 1995 - 1996 Video primary image cover photo1995 - 1996 [selection/best of]1996view icon
Tiny Tour [live]16 November 1998view icon
Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002 [live]5 May 2003view icon
Hits! The Videos [selection/best of]20 October 2003view icon
The Erasure Show: Live In Cologne [live]31 October 2005view icon
On The Road To Nashville [live]29 January 2007view icon
Live At The Royal Albert Hall 25th September 2007 [live]7 April 2008view icon

Music Videos

Drama!September 1989view icon
You Surround MeNovember 1989view icon
Love To Hate You1991view icon
In My ArmsJanuary 1997view icon
Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing MeFebruary 1997view icon
FreedomOctober 2000view icon
All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love2005view icon
Love You To The Sky (Lyric Version)16 March 2017view icon
World Be Gone (Lyric Version)28 June 2017view icon
Just A Little Love (Lyric Version)7 September 2017view icon
Still It's Not Over (World Beyond)2 February 2018view icon
Oh What A World (World Beyond)15 February 2018view icon
Just A Little Love (World Beyond)1 March 2018view icon
Be Careful What You Wish For (World Beyond)15 March 2018view icon
A Bitter Parting (World Beyond)29 March 2018view icon
Phantom Bride (World Be Live)25 May 2018view icon

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