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Front 242 Geography Album primary image cover photoGeography1982view icon
No Comment1985view icon
Front 242 Back Catalogue Album primary image cover photoBack Catalogue [selection/best of]January 1987view icon
Official Version20 March 1987view icon
Front 242 Front By Front Album primary image cover photoFront By Front24 October 1988view icon
Front 242 Tyranny &gt;For You&lt; Album primary image cover photoTyranny >For You<21 January 1991view icon
Art & Strategy 921992view icon
Live Target [live]1993view icon
Front 242 06:21:03:11 Up Evil Album primary image cover photo06:21:03:11 Up Evil10 May 1993view icon
Front 242 05:22:09:12 Off Album primary image cover photo05:22:09:12 Off23 August 1993view icon
Front 242 Live Code 6413356 424225 Album primary image cover photoLive Code 6413356 424225 [live]31 October 1994view icon
Front 242 Mut@ge Mix@ge Album primary image cover photoMut@ge Mix@geFebruary 1996view icon
Front 242 Re-Boot (Live) Album primary image cover photoRe-Boot (Live) [live]20 July 1998view icon
Front 242 Pulse Album primary image cover photoPulse22 April 2003view icon
Front 242 Moments 1 Album primary image cover photoMoments 1 [live]5 September 2008view icon
Transmission SE91 [live]4 March 2013view icon
Front 242 LIVE Cold Waves III Album primary image cover photoLIVE Cold Waves III [live]2014view icon
Front 242 Catch The Men Album primary image cover photoCatch The Men [live]1 November 2016view icon
Front 242 Moments In Budapest Album primary image cover photoMoments In Budapest [live]3 February 2017view icon


PrinciplesOctober 1981view icon
U-MenApril 1982view icon
Front 242 Endless Riddance Single primary image cover photoEndless Riddance1983view icon
Two in One1983view icon
Front 242 Politics Of Pressure Single primary image cover photoPolitics Of Pressure1985view icon
No Shuffle1985view icon
Interception20 November 1986view icon
Front 242 Quite Unusual Single primary image cover photoQuite Unusual20 November 1986view icon
Front 242 Masterhit Single primary image cover photoMasterhit1987view icon
Front 242 Headhunter Single primary image cover photoHeadhunterOctober 1988view icon
Front 242 Never Stop! Single primary image cover photoNever Stop!March 1989view icon
Front 242 Tragedy &gt;For You&lt; Single primary image cover photoTragedy >For You<23 October 1990view icon
Front 242 Mixed By Fear Single primary image cover photoMixed By Fear1991view icon
Front 242 Rhythm Of Time Single primary image cover photoRhythm Of Time15 April 1991view icon
Religion13 April 1993view icon
Front 242 Angels Versus Animals Single primary image cover photoAngels Versus Animals25 October 1993view icon
Front 242 Animal Single primary image cover photoAnimalNovember 1993view icon
Happiness25 March 1996view icon
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 Single primary image cover photoHeadhunter 200030 October 1998view icon
Front 242 Still & Raw Single primary image cover photoStill & Raw24 February 2003view icon
Front 242 First Moments… Single primary image cover photoFirst Moments…15 June 2008view icon
Front 242 Take One (Live) Single primary image cover photoTake One (Live) [live]24 September 2014view icon
Front 242 Lovely Day (Remastered) Single primary image cover photoLovely Day (Remastered)15 July 2015view icon
Front 242 Detox Static EP Single primary image cover photoDetox Static EP26 January 2016view icon


Promo 242 [selection/best of]1988view icon
Front 242 1992 Remasters Sampler primary image cover photo1992 Remasters [selection/best of]June 1992view icon
4 From 2 From 242 [selection/best of]1993view icon


Integration Eight X Ten [selection/best of]1992view icon
Catch The Men [live]April 2005view icon
Front 242 Moments In Budapest Video primary image cover photoMoments In Budapest [live]April 2010view icon

Music Videos

HeadhunterOctober 1988view icon
Tragedy >For You<October 1990view icon

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