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Jean-Michel Jarre Discography


Deserted Palace1972view icon
Les Granges Brulées [soundtrack]1973view icon
Oxygene2 December 1976view icon
Equinoxe16 November 1978view icon
Magnetic FieldsJune 1981view icon
Synthesis [selection/best of]1982view icon
The Concerts In China [live]May 1982view icon
Musik Aus Zeit Und Raum [selection/best of]1983view icon
Music For Supermarkets6 July 1983view icon
The Essential [selection/best of]November 1983view icon
ZoolookNovember 1984view icon
Licht - Flying Clouds [selection/best of]1985view icon
The Essential 1976 • 1986 [selection/best of]1986view icon
RendezvousAugust 1986view icon
En Concert Houston / Lyon [live]March 1987view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Revolutions Album primary image cover photoRevolutionsOctober 1988view icon
Live [live]October 1989view icon
Waiting For CousteauJune 1990view icon
Images [selection/best of]October 1991view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Chronologie Album primary image cover photoChronologieMay 1993view icon
Chronologie 6 RemixesMay 1994view icon
Hong Kong [live]November 1994view icon
JarremixOctober 1995view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 7-13 Album primary image cover photoOxygene 7-13February 1997view icon
Odyssey Through O2May 1998view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Metamorphosis Album primary image cover photoMetamorphosis1999view icon
Sessions 20002002view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Geometry Of Love Album primary image cover photoGeometry Of Love2003view icon
Aero2004view icon
Live From Gdánsk [live]2005view icon
Téo & TéaMarch 2007view icon
Eseentials & Rarities [selection/best of]2011view icon
Essential Recollection [selection/best of]28 August 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Electronica 1: The Time Machine Album primary image cover photoElectronica 1: The Time Machine16 October 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Electronica 2: The Heart Of Noise Album primary image cover photoElectronica 2: The Heart Of Noise6 May 2016view icon
Oxygene 32 December 2016view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Planet Jarre - 50 Years Of Music Album primary image cover photoPlanet Jarre - 50 Years Of Music [selection/best of]14 September 2018view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Equinoxe Infinity Album primary image cover photoEquinoxe Infinity16 November 2018view icon

Box Sets

10th Anniversary [selection/best of]October 1987view icon
Les Années Lasers [selection/best of]1989view icon
The Complete Oxygene [selection/best of]November 1997view icon
Electronica Volumes 1 & 26 May 2016view icon
Brick EnglandNovember 2016view icon
Oxygene Trilogy2 December 2016view icon
Original Album Classics [selection/best of]15 September 2017view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Original Album Classics Volume 2 Box Set primary image cover photoOriginal Album Classics Volume 2 [selection/best of]16 March 2018view icon


La Cage / Erosmachine1971view icon
Les Granges Brulées [soundtrack]1973view icon
Oxygene 41976view icon
Oxygene 21977view icon
Equinoxe 5January 1979view icon
Equinoxe 4March 1979view icon
Jarre à La Concorde [live]February 1980view icon
The Last Rumba1981view icon
Magnetic Fields 2June 1981view icon
Magnetic Fields 4August 1981view icon
Souvenir Of China [live]1982view icon
Orient Express [live]May 1982view icon
ZoolookNovember 1984view icon
ZoolookologieMarch 1985view icon
Rendezvous 4August 1986view icon
Rendezvous 2 Part 3 [live]1987view icon
Rendezvous 4 [live]1987view icon
RevolutionsOctober 1988view icon
London KidDecember 1988view icon
Oxygene 4 (Remix)September 1989view icon
CalypsoJune 1990view icon
Chronologie 21993view icon
Chronologie 61993view icon
Chronologie 81993view icon
Chronologie 4June 1993view icon
Oxygene 101997view icon
Oxygene 71997view icon
Oxygene 8March 1997view icon
Rendezvous 98 [live]June 1998view icon
C'Est La VieJanuary 2000view icon
Tout Est Bleu2000view icon
Aerology20 September 2004view icon
Téo & Téa16 April 2007view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre & Gesaffelstein
17 April 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Glory Single primary image cover photoJean-Michel Jarre & M83
15 May 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre & Massive Attack
Watching You
19 June 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream
Zero Gravity
19 June 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Remix EP (1) Single primary image cover photoRemix EP (1)17 July 2015view icon
Remix EP (2)18 December 2015view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre featuring Pet Shop Boys
Brick England
2016view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Exit Single primary image cover photoJean-Michel Jarre & Edward Snowden
16 April 2016view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre What You Want Single primary image cover photoJean-Michel Jarre & Peaches
What You Want
13 May 2016view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre featuring Cyndi Lauper
Swipe To The Right
June 2016view icon
Infinity Movement 6November 2018view icon


Moon Machine1986view icon


Jean-Michel Jarre Planet Jarre - 50 Years Of Music (Track By Track) Serial primary image cover photoPlanet Jarre - 50 Years Of Music (Track By Track) [selection/best of]20 July 2018view icon


Place De La Concorde [live]unknownview icon
Rendezvous Houston [live]1989view icon
Destination Docklands [live]1989view icon
Les Années Lasers [selection/best of]1991view icon
The China Concerts [live]March 1991view icon
Rendezvous Lyon [live]July 1991view icon
Images [selection/best of]November 1991view icon
Paris La Défense [live]September 1992view icon
Europe In Concert: Barcelona [live]November 1994view icon
Concert For Tolerance (ParisTour Eiffel) [live]1995view icon
Oxygene In Moscow [live]October 1998view icon
Jarre In China [live]May 2005view icon
Solidarność Live [live]January 2006view icon

Music Videos

Oxygene - Part IV (Live Version)unknownview icon
Jean-Michel Jarre & Little Boots
29 August 2015view icon
Oxygene, Pt. 1723 November 2016view icon
Ethnicolor (Planet Jarre Version)18 October 2018view icon
Oxygene, Pt. 1 (Planet Jarre Version)25 October 2018view icon
Robots Don't Cry (Movement 3)2 November 2018view icon
La cage (Planet Jarre Version)22 November 2018view icon
Herbalizer (Planet Jarre Version)29 November 2018view icon
Equinoxe, Pt. 5 (Planet Jarre Version)6 December 2018view icon
Revolutions (Planet Jarre Version)13 December 2018view icon

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