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The Very Best Of [selection/best of]unknownview icon
The 12" Album [selection/best of]unknownview icon
The Platinum Collection [selection/best of]unknownview icon
Howard Jones [selection/best of]unknownview icon
Howard Jones Human's Lib Album primary image cover photoHuman's Lib17 March 1984view icon
Howard Jones Dream Into Action Album primary image cover photoDream Into Action23 March 1985view icon
Howard Jones One To One Album primary image cover photoOne To One1986view icon
Howard Jones Cross That Line Album primary image cover photoCross That Line20 March 1989view icon
Howard Jones In The Running Album primary image cover photoIn The Running1992view icon
Working In the Backroom1994view icon
Live Acoustic America [live]1996view icon
People14 July 1998view icon
Perform.00 [live]2000view icon
Howard Jones The Peaceful Tour Album primary image cover photoThe Peaceful Tour [live]2001view icon
Piano Solos For Friends And Loved Ones12 January 2003view icon
Revolution Of The Heart31 January 2005view icon
Piano Solos For Friends and Loved Ones Vol 231 January 2006view icon
Revolution Remixed And Surrounded2007view icon
Howard Jones with Robin Boult
Live In Birkenhead [live]
2008view icon
Howard Jones Engage Album primary image cover photoEngage8 March 2015view icon
Howard Jones Best 1983-2017 Album primary image cover photoBest 1983-2017 [selection/best of]28 July 2017view icon
Howard Jones Transform Album primary image cover photoTransform10 May 2019view icon


Powerhouseunknownview icon
Things Can Only Get Betterunknownview icon
What Is Love?26 November 1983view icon
The Prisoner2 June 1989view icon
International Geophysical Year (aka I.G.Y.)3 May 1993view icon
Howard Jones featuring The Morriston Orpheus Choir
Soon You'll Go
11 January 2009view icon
Ordinary Heroes8 November 2009view icon
Straight Ahead21 March 2010view icon
Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones
Things Can Only Get Better
30 June 2013view icon

Music Videos

Beating Mr. Neg18 March 2019view icon
Hero In Your Eyes3 April 2019view icon
Howard Jones & BT
The One To Love You
9 May 2019view icon

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