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Live At Archangel - 24th March 1992 [live]unknownview icon
Nadir1988view icon
Lagowski 19901990view icon
Lagowski Wire Science Album primary image cover photoWire Science28 November 1994view icon
Lagowski Prismatic Album primary image cover photoPrismaticSeptember 1995view icon
AshitaSeptember 1997view icon
tzOctober 1999view icon
Teratology: Lagowski Rarities 1989-1992 [selection/best of]2003view icon
Digital Force Planning: Strategies For Wreck This MessApril 2004view icon
Temporary DistractionsNovember 2006view icon
Redesine22 March 2009view icon
Mobton23 May 2009view icon
Live In Gdansk - 19th February 2011 [live]4 January 2014view icon
Lagowski The Many Hours At Salisbury House Album primary image cover photoThe Many Hours At Salisbury House16 July 2016view icon
Lagowski Nantes 2000 Album primary image cover photoNantes 2000 [live]14 August 2016view icon
Lagowski MCB Album primary image cover photoMCB15 February 2017view icon
Teratology 2 - EMU Takes Flight6 May 2017view icon
Kino7 May 2017view icon


VermilionApril 1992view icon
StormsMay 1992view icon
Lagowski Formant Single primary image cover photoFormantJune 1992view icon
Lagowski Toxality / Time / Formant Single primary image cover photoToxality / Time / FormantNovember 1992view icon
Lagowski Blue Sparks Single primary image cover photoBlue SparksJanuary 1993view icon
ArtificialMay 1993view icon
Europa EPApril 1994view icon
Lagowski Europa Reprised Single primary image cover photoEuropa ReprisedJune 1994view icon
In the Steel Room EPAugust 1994view icon
S.E.T.I. | Lagowski (split release)
Live in Wien [live]
October 1996view icon

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