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Alison Moyet Alf Album primary image cover photoAlf5 November 1984view icon
Alison Moyet Raindancing Album primary image cover photoRaindancing6 April 1987view icon
Alison Moyet Hoodoo Album primary image cover photoHoodoo22 April 1991view icon
Alison Moyet Essex Album primary image cover photoEssex21 March 1994view icon
Alison Moyet Singles Album primary image cover photoSingles [selection/best of]27 June 1995view icon
Her Songs [selection/best of]1998view icon
The Essential Alison Moyet [selection/best of]10 September 2001view icon
Hometime19 August 2002view icon
Voice6 September 2004view icon
The Turn15 October 2007view icon
Alison Moyet The Best Of Album primary image cover photoThe Best Of [selection/best of]15 October 2009view icon
Alison Moyet The Minutes Album primary image cover photoThe Minutes6 May 2013view icon
Alison Moyet Minutes And Seconds - Live Album primary image cover photoMinutes And Seconds - Live [live]10 November 2014view icon
Alison Moyet Other Album primary image cover photoOther16 June 2017view icon
Alison Moyet The Other Live Collection Album primary image cover photoThe Other Live Collection [live]20 April 2018view icon


Love Resurrection1984view icon
All Cried Out1984view icon
Invisible1984view icon
That Ole Devil Called Love1985view icon
For You Only (New Version)1985view icon
Is This Love?1986view icon
Weak In The Presence Of Beauty1987view icon
Ordinary Girl1987view icon
It Won't Be Long1991view icon
This House1991view icon
Hoodoo1991view icon
Wishing You Were Here20 May 1991view icon
Falling1993view icon
Whispering Your Name1993view icon
Getting Into Something1993view icon
Ode To Boy1993view icon
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face1995view icon
Solid Wood1995view icon
Our Colander Eyes1996view icon
Should I Feel That It's Over2002view icon
Do You Ever Wonder2002view icon
More2003view icon
Almost Blue / Alfie2004view icon
Windmills Of Your Mind2004view icon
One More Time2007view icon
A Guy Like You2007view icon
Remixes2013view icon
Alison Moyet When I Was Your Girl Single primary image cover photoWhen I Was Your Girl1 April 2013view icon
Alison Moyet Love Reign Supreme Single primary image cover photoLove Reign Supreme3 June 2013view icon
Alison Moyet Live At Bush Hall EP Single primary image cover photoLive At Bush Hall EP [live]29 July 2013view icon
Alison Moyet Changeling Single primary image cover photoChangeling11 October 2013view icon
Alison Moyet Live For Burberry Single primary image cover photoLive For Burberry24 September 2015view icon
Alison Moyet Reassuring Pinches Single primary image cover photoReassuring Pinches30 April 2017view icon


The Essential Alison Moyet [selection/best of]18 March 2002view icon
One Blue Voice [live]2005view icon

Music Videos

Other17 March 2017view icon
Reassuring Pinches (Lyric Version)30 April 2017view icon
Reassuring Pinches10 May 2017view icon
The Rarest Birds (Lyric Version)3 June 2017view icon
The Rarest Birds21 July 2017view icon

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