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Oomph!1992view icon
Oomph! Sperm Album primary image cover photoSpermApril 1994view icon
Oomph! Defekt Album primary image cover photoDefektJune 1995view icon
Oomph! Wunschkind Album primary image cover photoWunschkindOctober 1996view icon
Oomph! Unrein Album primary image cover photoUnrein27 February 1998view icon
1991-1996 The Early Works [selection/best of]August 1998view icon
Oomph! Plastik Album primary image cover photoPlastik10 October 1999view icon
Oomph! Ego Album primary image cover photoEgo2001view icon
Wahrheit Oder Pflicht2004view icon
Glaubeliebetod2006view icon
Best Of The Virgin Years [selection/best of]August 2006view icon
DelikatessenDecember 2006view icon
MonsterSeptember 2008view icon
Best Of [selection/best of]February 2010view icon
Oomph! Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute Album primary image cover photoDes Wahnsinns Fette Beute18 May 2012view icon
Oomph! XXV Album primary image cover photoXXV31 July 2015view icon
Oomph! Ritual Album primary image cover photoRitual18 January 2019view icon


Ich Bin Du1991view icon
Der Neue Gott1992view icon
BreathtakerMay 1993view icon
SexMarch 1994view icon
3+1October 1994view icon
Ice CoffinNovember 1995view icon
Gekreuzigt1998view icon
Fieber1999view icon
Supernova2001view icon
Augen Auf!2004view icon
Gekreuzigt 2006November 2006view icon
Traeumst DuFebruary 2007view icon


RohstoffJuly 2007view icon

Music Videos

Alles aus Liebe31 July 2015view icon
Als wärs das letzte Mal29 March 2016view icon
Kein Liebeslied (Lyric Version)30 November 2018view icon
Tausend Mann Und Ein Befehl4 January 2019view icon
Im Namen Des Vaters18 February 2019view icon

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