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Pet Shop Boys Pet Shop Boys Album primary image cover photoPet Shop Boys1984view icon
Disco1986view icon
Please24 March 1986view icon
Actually7 September 1987view icon
It Couldn't Happen Here [selection/best of + soundtrack]1988view icon
Introspective11 October 1988view icon
In Depth [selection/best of]1 June 1989view icon
Behaviour22 October 1990view icon
Discography [selection/best of]1991view icon
Very27 September 1993view icon
Disco 21994view icon
Alternative [selection/best of]1995view icon
BilingualSeptember 1996view icon
Essential [selection/best of]1998view icon
Pet Shop Boys Nightlife Album primary image cover photoNightlife11 October 1999view icon
Closer To Heaven [soundtrack]2001view icon
Pet Shop Boys Release Album primary image cover photoRelease1 April 2002view icon
Disco 33 February 2003view icon
PopArt [selection/best of]23 November 2003view icon
Battleship Potemkin [soundtrack]5 September 2005view icon
Pet Shop Boys Fundamental Album primary image cover photoFundamental22 May 2006view icon
Concrete [live]23 October 2006view icon
Disco 48 October 2007view icon
Pet Shop Boys Yes Album primary image cover photoYes23 March 2009view icon
Party [selection/best of]4 November 2009view icon
Pandemonium [live]15 February 2010view icon
Ultimate [selection/best of]1 November 2010view icon
The Most Incredible Thing [soundtrack]14 March 2011view icon
Format [selection/best of]14 May 2012view icon
Pet Shop Boys Elysium Album primary image cover photoElysium10 September 2012view icon
Electric15 July 2013view icon
Super1 April 2016view icon
Pet Shop Boys Hotspot Album primary image cover photoHotspot24 January 2020view icon


West End Girls (Bobby Orlando Version)1984view icon
One More Chance1984view icon
West End Girls (Re-recording)1985view icon
Opportunities1 July 1985view icon
Opportunities (Remix)1986view icon
Paninaro1986view icon
Love Comes Quickly24 February 1986view icon
Suburbia22 September 1986view icon
Rent1987view icon
Always On My Mind1987view icon
It's A Sin15 June 1987view icon
Pet Shop Boys featuring Dusty Springfield
What Have I Done to Deserve This?
10 August 1987view icon
Left To My Own Devices1988view icon
Heart21 March 1988view icon
Domino Dancing12 September 1988view icon
It's Alright26 June 1989view icon
So Hard24 September 1990view icon
Being Boring12 November 1990view icon
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?1991view icon
Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)1991view icon
DJ Culture1991view icon
Was It Worth It?1991view icon
Jealousy27 May 1991view icon
Go West1993view icon
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing1993view icon
Can You Forgive Her1 June 1993view icon
Liberation1994view icon
Absolutely Fabulous1994view icon
Yesterday, When I Was Mad1994view icon
Paninaro '9524 July 1995view icon
Before1996view icon
Single-Bilingual1996view icon
David Bowie featuring Pet Shop Boys
Hello Spaceboy
1996view icon
Se A Vide E24 August 1996view icon
A Red Letter Day1997view icon
Somewhere1997view icon
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More1999view icon
New York City Boy1999view icon
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk3 January 2000view icon
Home And Dry2002view icon
I Get Along2002view icon
London2003view icon
Miracles2003view icon
Flamboyant2004view icon
I'm With Stupid2006view icon
Minimal2006view icon
Numb2006view icon
Integral2007view icon
Robbie Williams featuring Pet Shop Boys
She's Madonna
2007view icon
Love etc.2009view icon
Did You See Me Coming?2009view icon
Beautiful People2009view icon
Christmas14 December 2009view icon
Together2010view icon
Love Life17 April 2010view icon
Winner2012view icon
Memory Of The Future2012view icon
Leaving15 October 2012view icon
Axis2013view icon
Vocal2013view icon
Love Is A Bourgeois Construct2013view icon
Pet Shop Boys featuring Example
2013view icon
Fluroscent19 April 2014view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre featuring Pet Shop Boys
Brick England
2016view icon
Pet Shop Boys The Pop Kids Single primary image cover photoThe Pop Kids18 March 2016view icon
Twenty Something17 June 2016view icon
Inner Sanctum22 July 2016view icon
Pet Shop Boys Say It To Me Single primary image cover photoSay It To Me16 September 2016view icon
Undertow21 April 2017view icon
Pet Shop Boys Give Stupidity A Chance Single primary image cover photoGive Stupidity A Chance5 February 2019view icon
Pet Shop Boys On Social Media Single primary image cover photoOn Social Media6 February 2019view icon
Pet Shop Boys What Are We Going To Do About The Rich? Single primary image cover photoWhat Are We Going To Do About The Rich?7 February 2019view icon
Pet Shop Boys Agenda Single primary image cover photoAgenda8 February 2019view icon
Pet Shop Boys Dreamland Single primary image cover photoPet Shop Boys featuring Years & Years
25 October 2019view icon
Pet Shop Boys Burning The Heather Single primary image cover photoBurning The Heather14 November 2019view icon
Pet Shop Boys Monkey Business Single primary image cover photoMonkey Business2 January 2020view icon


Compiled [selection/best of]16 September 1993view icon


Television [selection/best of]1986view icon
Showbusiness [selection/best of]1988view icon
Promotion [selection/best of]1991view icon
Videography [selection/best of]1991view icon
Highlights [live]1992view icon
Performance [live]1993view icon
Projections1993view icon
Various [selection/best of]1995view icon
Discovery - Live In Rio [live]7 August 1995view icon
Montage [live]2001view icon
Somewhere: Live At The Savoy [live]2002view icon
PopArt: The Videos [selection/best of]23 November 2003view icon
Cubism [live]21 May 2007view icon
Video EP [selection/best of]17 December 2007view icon
Pandemonium [live]2010view icon
Pet Shop Boys Inner Sanctum Video primary image cover photoInner Sanctum [live]12 April 2019view icon

Music Videos

The Pop Kids (Lyric Version)16 February 2016view icon
Twenty Something10 May 2016view icon
Twenty–Something (The Los Evo Jedis Remix)24 June 2016view icon
Give Stupidity A Chance (Lyric Version)5 February 2019view icon
On Social Media (Lyric Version)6 February 2019view icon
What Are We Going To Do About The Rich? (Lyric Version)7 February 2019view icon
The Forgotten Child (Lyric Version)8 February 2019view icon
Burning The Heather18 November 2019view icon

Documentary Films

A Life In Pop30 October 2006view icon

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