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KnowledgeJanuary 1995view icon
The Geometry Of NightJuly 1996view icon
Live in Rostock/Berlin [live]February 1998view icon
Above BlackOctober 1998view icon
Light Shift (Live in Brussels, 29 April 2000) [live]2000view icon
PodJuly 2000view icon
Station9 April 2001view icon
SEnTIentJanuary 2004view icon
S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM
28 April 2004view icon
Eleven2005view icon
CoronaJune 2009view icon
BaikalOctober 2011view icon
Final TrajectoryDecember 2013view icon
The Data Logs Of Astro Myrmex20 July 2015view icon
The Guide Lockstars Of Astro MyrmexOctober 2016view icon
Interim Report from Worm Boundary Five11 March 2017view icon
Beyond Black: Project 'Preserve Destiny'7 May 2017view icon
S.E.T.I. Sleep Environments For Interplanetary Travel Album primary image cover photoSleep Environments For Interplanetary Travel21 December 2018view icon
S.E.T.I. The Sphere Of Density Album primary image cover photoThe Sphere Of Density5 June 2020view icon
Lagowski Unusual Phenomena Album primary image cover photoLagowski | S.E.T.I. (split release)
Unusual Phenomena [selection/best of]
3 July 2020view icon


VectorMay 1992view icon
Radio SignalsNovember 1992view icon
S.E.T.I. | Lagowski (split release)
Live in Wien [live]
October 1996view icon
Waves / Polar WindMarch 1999view icon
S.E.T.I. Fire_050712 Single primary image cover photoFire_0507127 July 2012view icon


S.E.T.I. Time Weave Nebulation Download primary image cover photoTime Weave Nebulation6 May 2019view icon

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