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Remission1984view icon
Bites1985view icon
Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse5 September 1986view icon
Remission And Bites [selection/best of]January 1987view icon
Bites And Remission [selection/best of]1987view icon
Cleanse Fold And ManipulateSeptember 1987view icon
VIVIsect VI12 September 1988view icon
Rabies21 November 1989view icon
12" Anthology [selection/best of]1990view icon
Too Dark Park31 October 1990view icon
Ain't It Dead Yet? [live]1991view icon
Last RightsFebruary 1992view icon
Back And Forth Series 2 [selection/best of]August 1992view icon
The ProcessFebruary 1996view icon
Brap (Back And Forth Volumes 3 & 4) [selection/best of]April 1996view icon
Remix DystemperOctober 1998view icon
The Singles Collect [selection/best of]1999view icon
B Sides Collect [selection/best of]1999view icon
Doomsday: Back And Forth Volume 5 - Live In Dresden [live]2001view icon
Puppy Gristle2002view icon
Back And Forth Series 6: Live Braps And Outakes 1982-2000 [live]2003view icon
The Greater Wrong Of The Right2004view icon
Back And Forth Volume 72007view icon
Mythmaker29 January 2007view icon
hanDoverOctober 2011view icon
Skinny Puppy Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas Album primary image cover photoBootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas [live]June 2012view icon
WeaponJuly 2013view icon


Dig It1986view icon
Stairs And Flowers1987view icon
ChainsawMay 1987view icon
AddictionOctober 1987view icon
Censor1988view icon
Testure1989view icon
Tin Omen1989view icon
Worlock1990view icon
Tormentor1990view icon
Spasmolytic1991view icon
InquisitionFebruary 1992view icon
Candle1996view icon
Track 102000view icon
Politikil2007view icon


Skinny Puppy Back & Forth Sampler primary image cover photoBack & Forth1984view icon


Skinny Puppy Ain't It Dead Yet? Video primary image cover photoAin't It Dead Yet? [live]November 1988view icon
Skinny Puppy Video Collection 1984-1992 Video primary image cover photoVideo Collection 1984-1992 [selection/best of]1996view icon
The Greater Wrong Of The Right Live [live]September 2005view icon

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