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Matt Johnson | The The
See Without Being Seen
1978view icon
Matt Johnson | The The
Burning Blue Soul
7 September 1981view icon
Soul Mining21 October 1983view icon
The The Infected Album primary image cover photoInfected17 November 1986view icon
Mind Bomb11 July 1989view icon
Solitude [selection/best of]1993view icon
Dusk25 January 1993view icon
Hanky Panky8 February 1995view icon
NakedSelf29 February 2000view icon
Film Music [soundtrack]2002view icon
45 RPM The Singles Of The The [selection/best of]7 May 2002view icon
The The Tony Album primary image cover photoTony [soundtrack]28 February 2011view icon
Moonbug2012view icon
The The Hyena Album primary image cover photoHyena [soundtrack]6 March 2015view icon
Muscle [soundtrack]2020view icon
Comeback Special Live [live]2020view icon
Cineolascape2020view icon

Box Sets

London Town [selection/best of]2002view icon
Radio Cineola Trilogy [selection/best of + soundtrack]20 October 2017view icon


Controversial Subject1980view icon
Cold Spell Ahead1981view icon
This Is The Day1982view icon
Uncertain Smile (1st Release)1 October 1982view icon
Uncertain Smile (2nd Release)1983view icon
Perfect11 February 1983view icon
Flesh And Bones1985view icon
Heartland1986view icon
Infected1986view icon
Sweet Bird Of Truth (1st Release)1986view icon
Slow Train To Dawn1987view icon
Sweet Bird Of Truth (2nd Release)11 May 1987view icon
Kingdom Of Rain1989view icon
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)1989view icon
Gravitate To Me1989view icon
The Beat(en) Generation20 March 1989view icon
Jealous Of Youth1990view icon
Shades Of Blue EP1991view icon
Love Is Stronger Than Death1993view icon
Slow Emotion Replay1993view icon
Dogs Of Lust4 January 1993view icon
Dis-Infected EP1994view icon
I Saw The Light1995view icon
GIANT19 April 2014view icon
The The We Can't Stop What's Coming Single primary image cover photoWe Can't Stop What's Coming22 April 2017view icon
I Want 2 B U29 August 2020view icon


The The | The Sines (split release)
Dumb As Death’s Head / Johnathon
1983view icon


Dawn Vs. Dusk - A The The Sampler1992view icon
Inedits1993view icon


Infected1987view icon
The The Versus The World [selection/best of]1991view icon
From Dusk 'Til Dawn [selection/best of]1993view icon
Inertia Variations2020view icon
Comeback Special Live [live]2020view icon

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