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Sex Power [soundtrack]1968view icon
Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit1972view icon
L'Apocalypse Des Animaux [soundtrack]1973view icon
EarthDecember 1974view icon
Vangelis Heaven And Hell Album primary image cover photoHeaven And Hell1975view icon
La Fête Sauvage [soundtrack]1976view icon
Vangelis Albedo 0.39 Album primary image cover photoAlbedo 0.39October 1976view icon
Vangelis Spiral Album primary image cover photoSpiral1977view icon
Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?1977view icon
Ignacio [soundtrack]1977view icon
Vangelis Beaubourg Album primary image cover photoBeaubourg1978view icon
The Dragon1978view icon
The Best Of Vangelis [selection/best of]1978view icon
HypothesisMay 1978view icon
Opera Sauvage [soundtrack]1979view icon
ChinaApril 1979view icon
See You Later1 March 1980view icon
Greatest Hits [selection/best of]1981view icon
Zijn Grootste Successen [selection/best of]1981view icon
Chariots Of Fire [soundtrack]April 1981view icon
To The Unknown Man [selection/best of]November 1982view icon
Antarctica [soundtrack]1983view icon
Soil FestivitiesSeptember 1984view icon
MaskMarch 1985view icon
Invisible ConnectionsMarch 1985view icon
Vangelis Direct Album primary image cover photoDirect31 October 1988view icon
Themes [selection/best of + soundtrack]9 July 1989view icon
The CityNovember 1990view icon
1492 - Conquest Of Paradise [soundtrack]22 September 1992view icon
The Best Of [selection/best of]3 May 1993view icon
Vangelis Blade Runner Album primary image cover photoBlade Runner [soundtrack]6 June 1994view icon
Best Selection [selection/best of]September 1994view icon
Albedo 0.39 / Heaven And Hell [selection/best of]March 1995view icon
Gift… [selection/best of]1996view icon
Neuronium & Vangelis
A Separate Affair
1996view icon
Vangelis Voices Album primary image cover photoVoices19 February 1996view icon
Portraits [selection/best of]April 1996view icon
Oceanic28 October 1996view icon
El Greco26 October 1998view icon
Reprise 1990-1999 [selection/best of]October 1999view icon
Vangelis Mythodea – Music For The NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey Album primary image cover photoMythodea – Music For The NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey2001view icon
The Best Of [selection/best of]May 2002view icon
Vangelis Odyssey – The Definitive Collection Album primary image cover photoOdyssey – The Definitive Collection [selection/best of]October 2003view icon
Alexander [soundtrack]November 2004view icon
Irene PapasVangelis
July 2007view icon
Irene PapasVangelis
July 2007view icon
El Greco [soundtrack]20 December 2007view icon
Chariots Of Fire (The Stage Play) [soundtrack]20 July 2012view icon
The Collection [selection/best of]23 July 2012view icon
Light And Shadow: The Best Of Vangelis [selection/best of]12 July 2013view icon
Amore [soundtrack]25 January 2016view icon
Rosetta23 September 2016view icon
Vangelis Nocturne: The Piano Album Album primary image cover photoNocturne: The Piano Album25 January 2019view icon
Vangelis Juno To Jupiter Album primary image cover photoJuno To Jupiter [soundtrack]24 September 2021view icon

Box Sets

Chariots Of Fire / China / Opera Sauvage [selection/best of]1983view icon
See You Later / Soil Festivities / La Fête Sauvage/ L'Apocalypse Des Animaux [selection/best of]1989view icon
Heaven And Hell / Albedo 0.39 / Spiral [selection/best of]November 1990view icon
Original Album Classics: Heaven And Hell / Albedo 0.39 / Spiral [selection/best of]23 September 2011view icon
Vangelis Delectus Box Set primary image cover photoDelectus [selection/best of]3 February 2017view icon


Djemilla1969view icon
Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit (Extraits)1972view icon
Come On1973view icon
Thème d'Amour1976view icon
PulstarNovember 1976view icon
To The Unknown ManJanuary 1978view icon
Dervish D1978view icon
4 Track E.P.1979view icon
The Tao Of Love1979view icon
Hymne1979view icon
The Long MarchJuly 1979view icon
Not A Bit, All Of It1980view icon
My LoveJune 1980view icon
Alpha1981view icon
Heaven And Hell (Part 1)June 1981view icon
Heaven And Hell (3rd Movement)July 1981view icon
Chariots Of Fire (Titles) [soundtrack]1982view icon
L'Enfant1983view icon
The Will Of The WindSeptember 1988view icon
Good To See You1990view icon
Spiral1991view icon
Conquest Of Paradise [soundtrack]October 1992view icon
Neuronium & Vangelis
In London
1993view icon
28th Parallel [soundtrack]March 1993view icon
Cosmic Baby / Vangelis
A Tribute To Blade Runner [soundtrack]
December 1994view icon
Voices1995view icon
Song Of The Seas1996view icon
Sauvage Et Beau1996view icon
Vangelis with Stina Nordenstam
Ask The Mountains
March 1996view icon
2002 FIFA World Cup Official Anthem2002view icon


Freefall (Excerpt)1982view icon


Mythodea – The NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey17 February 2001view icon

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