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Defcon1991view icon
Small Chambermusicians17 December 1991view icon
Music For A Slaughtering Tribe1993view icon
Fear In Motion [selection/best of]1995view icon
Bunkertor 71995view icon
The Mesner Tracks [selection/best of]1995view icon
Preferential Legacy1995view icon
Dried Blood Of Gomorrha [selection/best of]1997view icon
Music For A German Tribe1997view icon
Embryodead1997view icon
Born Again [selection/best of]1997view icon
Boeses Junges Fleisch1999view icon
Blutkind / Bloodchild [selection/best of]2000view icon
Wreath Of Barbs10 September 2001view icon
Liquid Soylent [selection/best of]2002view icon
Preferential Tribe [selection/best of]3 May 2003view icon
Bone Peeler2004view icon
Killer Archives [selection/best of]2006view icon
Cannibal Anthem22 March 2006view icon
Completer 1 [selection/best of]2007view icon
Body Census6 April 2007view icon
Dwarf Craving [selection/best of]2008view icon
:Schädling:21 March 2008view icon
DJ Dwarf Nine [selection/best of]2009view icon
:Fuckit:10 April 2009view icon
DJ Dwarf Ten [selection/best of]2010view icon
:Siamese:2 April 2010view icon
DJ Dwarf Eleven [selection/best of]2011view icon
Schrekk & Grauss22 April 2011view icon
DJ Dwarf XII [selection/best of]2012view icon
Women And Satan First6 April 2012view icon
DJ Dwarf XIII2013view icon
Madman Szpital29 March 2013view icon
Bulwark Bazooka18 April 2014view icon
DJ Dwarf 14 [selection/best of]22 April 2014view icon
DJ Dwarf 15 [selection/best of]2015view icon
BlutSpukerTavern3 April 2015view icon
Wüterich25 March 2016view icon
DJ Dwarf 1625 March 2016view icon
Innerfire [selection/best of]5 May 2017view icon
Wumpscut The Cows Of Death (DJ Dwarf 10 To 17) Album primary image cover photoThe Cows Of Death (DJ Dwarf 10 To 17) [selection/best of]6 September 2017view icon
Wumpscut Small Defcon Musicians Album primary image cover photoSmall Defcon Musicians [selection/best of]9 September 2017view icon
Wumpscut Dwarf The World (DJ Dwarf 1 To 9) Album primary image cover photoDwarf The World (DJ Dwarf 1 To 9) [selection/best of]9 September 2017view icon
Wumpscut Tomren Files Album primary image cover photoTomren Files [selection/best of]5 October 2017view icon
Wumpscut Overlook DAT Album primary image cover photoOverlook DAT6 October 2017view icon
Wumpscut Lost And/Or Found Album primary image cover photoLost And/Or Found [selection/best of]9 February 2018view icon


Gomorra1994view icon
Dried Blood1994view icon
The Oma Thule Single1995view icon
Wumpscut vs Haujobb
The Remix Wars - Strike 1
1996view icon
Deejaydead1997view icon
Totmacher1999view icon
Ich Will Dich (I Want You)1999view icon
DJ Dwarf One2001view icon
DJ Dwarf Two2002view icon
DJ Dwarf Three2003view icon
Our Fatal Longing/Rise Again2004view icon
DJ Dwarf Four2004view icon
DJ Dwarf Five2005view icon
Wreath Of Barbs (Selected Remix Works)2005view icon
Evoke2005view icon
Blondi8 March 2005view icon
DJ Dwarf Six2006view icon
Jesus Antichristus / Die Liebe2006view icon
Jesus Antichristus2006view icon
DJ Dwarf Seven2007view icon
Goth Census2007view icon
DJ Dwarf Eight2008view icon
Schrekk & Grauss Remixes1 April 2009view icon
Cut The Boo3 April 2009view icon
Wumpscut Cybernaut Datanics Single primary image cover photoCybernaut Datanics8 September 2017view icon
Wumpscut Heaven's Corridor Single primary image cover photoHeaven's Corridor12 October 2017view icon

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