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After Hours25 September 2009view icon
Burning Chrome20 October 2010view icon
Current Events28 October 2011view icon
Sprawl27 April 2012view icon
Selection One [selection/best of]8 December 2012view icon
Selection Two [selection/best of]4 March 2014view icon
Interceptor29 July 2014view icon
Selection 3 [selection/best of]7 May 2015view icon
Kung Fury (Lost Tapes)28 August 2015view icon
Selection 4 [selection/best of]30 December 2016view icon
Zero Strike OST28 August 2017view icon
Mitch Murder Salary Man Simulator Album primary image cover photoSalary Man Simulator31 December 2019view icon

Box Sets

SELECTIONS [selection/best of]28 February 2020view icon


Television EP30 March 2010view icon
This Is Now12 February 2011view icon
High Planes Drifter27 April 2012view icon
Mars18 June 2012view icon
Glass Cities29 August 2012view icon
Mirage20 May 2013view icon
The Touch13 August 2013view icon
Another Place15 October 2013view icon
Ocean Avenue11 May 2014view icon
Breeze26 August 2014view icon
Savage31 October 2014view icon
Mitch Murder Hardwired Single primary image cover photoHardwired30 November 2018view icon


In The News (Nite Sprite Future Drive Remix)30 January 2012view icon
Mitch Murder vs Mega Man
Dr. Wily / Elecman
24 October 2012view icon
A Forest (The Cure Cover)9 February 2013view icon
Mitch Murder featuring Miranda Carey
Just Till Midnight
11 December 2013view icon
Mitch Murder Of Below Download primary image cover photoOf Below30 October 2017view icon
Mitch Murder Taken Download primary image cover photoTaken31 October 2017view icon
Mitch Murder Space Harrier Download primary image cover photoSpace Harrier19 February 2018view icon
Mitch Murder The Line Download primary image cover photoThe Line31 March 2018view icon
Mitch Murder Type R Download primary image cover photoType R12 August 2019view icon
Mitch Murder Fiend Download primary image cover photoFiend31 October 2019view icon
Mitch Murder Frost Download primary image cover photoFrost14 December 2019view icon
Mitch Murder Artifact Download primary image cover photoArtifact27 February 2020view icon

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