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Blancmange Discography


Happy Families1982view icon
Mange Tout1984view icon
Believe You Me1985view icon
Second Helpings [selection/best of]1990view icon
Heaven Knows [selection/best of]1992view icon
The Third Course [selection/best of]1994view icon
Best Of Blancmange [selection/best of]1996view icon
The Platinum Collection [selection/best of]2006view icon
Blanc Burn2011view icon
The Very Best Of Blancmange [selection/best of]2012view icon
Happy Families Too… The Story So Far7 April 2014view icon
Semi Detached23 March 2015view icon
Nil By Mouth25 September 2015view icon
Blancmange Commuter 23 Album primary image cover photoCommuter 2311 March 2016view icon
Unfurnished Rooms29 September 2017view icon
Blancmange Wanderlust Album primary image cover photoWanderlust19 October 2018view icon
Kincaid Late For Sum Album primary image cover photoKincaid featuring Blancmange
Late For Sum
11 October 2019view icon
Blancmange Nil By Mouth II Album primary image cover photoNil By Mouth II22 November 2019view icon
Blancmange Waiting Room (Volume 1) Album primary image cover photoWaiting Room (Volume 1)23 March 2020view icon
Blancmange Mindset Album primary image cover photoMindset5 June 2020view icon

Box Sets

Blancmange The Blanc Tapes Box Set primary image cover photoThe Blanc Tapes [selection/best of]4 August 2017view icon


Irene & Mavis1980view icon
God's Kitchen1982view icon
Feel Me1982view icon
Living On The Ceiling1982view icon
Waves1983view icon
Blind Vision1983view icon
That's Love That It Is1983view icon
Don't Tell Me1984view icon
The Day Before You Came1984view icon
What's Your Problem?1985view icon
Lose Your Love1985view icon
I Can See It1986view icon
Drive Me13 February 2011view icon
21st Century Blanc Remixes Part 1 ...To Be Continued16 April 2011view icon
Paddington9 March 2015view icon
I Want More18 April 2015view icon
Everybody Loves You, Useless As You Are11 May 2015view icon
Useless15 May 2015view icon
Red Shift EP2016view icon
Last Night (I Dreamt I Had A Job)2016view icon
Distant Storm21 September 2018view icon
Not A Priority16 November 2018view icon
Kincaid featuring Blancmange
Big Fat Head
22 March 2019view icon
I Smashed Your Phone19 April 2019view icon
Blancmange Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remixes) Single primary image cover photoLiving On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remixes)7 February 2020view icon
Blancmange Blind Vision (Honey Dijon Remixes) Single primary image cover photoBlind Vision (Honey Dijon Remixes)20 March 2020view icon
Blancmange Mindset Single primary image cover photoMindset3 April 2020view icon
Blancmange Don't Tell Me Again / God's Kitchen (The Island Mix) Single primary image cover photoDon't Tell Me Again / God's Kitchen (The Island Mix)1 May 2020view icon
Blancmange Clean Your House Single primary image cover photoClean Your House1 May 2020view icon


The Passage | Blancmange (split release)
Born Every Minute / Living On The Ceiling
24 April 1982view icon

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