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Tangerine Dream Discography (Studio Albums)


Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation Album primary image cover photoElectronic Meditation15 June 1970view icon
Alpha Centauri1971view icon
ZeitAugust 1972view icon
Atem1973view icon
Tangerine Dream Phaedra Album primary image cover photoPhaedra20 February 1974view icon
Tangerine Dream Rubycon Album primary image cover photoRubycon21 March 1975view icon
Tangerine Dream Ricochet Album primary image cover photoRicochetNovember 1975view icon
Tangerine Dream Stratosfear Album primary image cover photoStratosfearOctober 1976view icon
Sorceror [soundtrack]July 1977view icon
Tangerine Dream Cyclone Album primary image cover photoCycloneJanuary 1978view icon
Tangerine Dream Force Majeure Album primary image cover photoForce MajeureFebruary 1979view icon
Tangerine Dream Tangram Album primary image cover photoTangramMay 1980view icon
Tangerine Dream Thief Album primary image cover photoThief [soundtrack]March 1981view icon
Tangerine Dream Exit Album primary image cover photoExitSeptember 1981view icon
Tangerine Dream White Eagle Album primary image cover photoWhite EagleMarch 1982view icon
Wavelength [soundtrack]1983view icon
Tangerine Dream Hyperborea Album primary image cover photoHyperboreaNovember 1983view icon
Firestarter [soundtrack]1984view icon
Heartbreakers [soundtrack]1985view icon
Flashpoint [soundtrack]February 1985view icon
Tangerine Dream Le Parc Album primary image cover photoLe ParcAugust 1985view icon
Dream SequenceNovember 1985view icon
Legend [soundtrack]1986view icon
Green DesertMarch 1986view icon
Underwater SunlightAugust 1986view icon
Shy People [soundtrack]1987view icon
Tangerine Dream / Sylvester Levay
Three O'Clock High [soundtrack]
1987view icon
Near Dark [soundtrack]1987view icon
TygerJune 1987view icon
Optical RaceAugust 1988view icon
Tangerine Dream Destination Berlin Album primary image cover photoDestination Berlin [soundtrack]1989view icon
Catch Me… If You Can1989view icon
Miracle Mile [soundtrack]July 1989view icon
Lily On The BeachOctober 1989view icon
Dead Solid Perfect1990view icon
MelroseNovember 1990view icon
Rumpelstiltskin1991view icon
The Park Is Mine1991view icon
Quinoa1992view icon
Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
1 February 1992view icon
Deadly CareNovember 1992view icon
Canyon DreamsJuly 1993view icon
Turn Of The Tides1994view icon
The Dream Mixes1995view icon
Tyranny Of Beauty1995view icon
Zoning1996view icon
Goblin's ClubNovember 1996view icon
Ambient Monkeys1997view icon
Tangerine Dream The Keep Album primary image cover photoThe Keep [soundtrack]1997view icon
OasisJune 1997view icon
Timesquare: Dream Mixes 2March 1998view icon
Hollywood Years Volume 1September 1998view icon
Hollywood Years Volume 2September 1998view icon
Dream EncoresSeptember 1998view icon
Transsiberia [soundtrack]September 1998view icon
What A Blast - Architecture In Motion1999view icon
Valentine WheelsApril 1999view icon
Mars PolarisJuly 1999view icon
The Great Wall Of China2000view icon
The Seven Letters From Tibet2000view icon
Soundmill Navigator2000view icon
Dream Mixes 32001view icon
Inferno2002view icon
The Melrose Years2002view icon
Mota Atma2003view icon
Rock Face2003view icon
Dream Mixes 42003view icon
Purgatorio2004view icon
East2004view icon
Kyoto2005view icon
Rocking Mars2005view icon
Jeanne D'Arc2005view icon
Tangerine Dream Plays Tangerine Dream2006view icon
Paradiso2006view icon
Blue Dawn2006view icon
Springtime In Nagasaki2007view icon
Summer In Nagasaki2007view icon
Ocean Waves Collection2007view icon
Tangines Scales2007view icon
Cyberjam Collection2007view icon
One Times One2007view icon
Madcap's Flaming DutyApril 2007view icon
Hyperborea 20082008view icon
Tangram 20082008view icon
Autumn In Hiroshima2008view icon
Views From A Red Train2008view icon
Purple Diluvial2008view icon
Winter In Hiroshima2009view icon
Chandra - The Phantom Ferry Part 12009view icon
Melrose - The Rerecordings 20032009view icon
Flame2009view icon
Under Cover2010view icon
The Endless Season2010view icon
Izu2010view icon
Dream Mixes 52010view icon
Booster IV2011view icon
Edgar Allan Poe’s The Island Of The Fay2011view icon
The Angel Of The West Window2011view icon
Finnegans Wake2011view icon
Mona Da Vinci2011view icon
Tangerine Dream Franz Kafka - The Castle Album primary image cover photoFranz Kafka - The Castle2013view icon
Cruise To Destiny2013view icon
Tangerine Dream & Brian May
Starmus - Sonic Universe
2013view icon
GTA 5 (The Cinematographic Score) [soundtrack]24 September 2013view icon
Chandra - The Phantom Ferry Part 22014view icon
Sorceror 2014 [soundtrack]2014view icon
Tangerine Dream Quantum Gate Album primary image cover photoQuantum Gate24 September 2017view icon
Tangerine Dream The Soldier Album primary image cover photoThe Soldier [soundtrack]30 October 2020view icon


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