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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
The Legendary Pink DotsFaces In The FireAlbumBIAS 0011984view icon
Various Artists4 Your Ears OnlySingleBIAS 0021983view icon
DoleSmall TownSingleBIAS 0031984view icon
Neo AryaEntire L'Amour At LaAlbumBIAS 0041984view icon
Aroma Di AmoreKoude OorlogAlbumBIAS 0051984view icon
Aroma Di AmoreVoor De DoodSingleBIAS 0061984view icon
DoleHaircutSingleBIAS 0071985view icon
1000 MexicansCriminalSingleBIAS 0091985view icon
Aroma Di AmoreDe Sfeer Van Grote DagenSingleBIAS 0101985view icon
Savage PublicTrudgeSingleBIAS 0111985view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsAsylumAlbumBIAS 0121985view icon
The WeathermenOld Friend SamSingleBIAS 0131985view icon
The Neon JudgementTomorrow In The PapersSingleBIAS 0141985view icon
Taxi GirlAussi Belle Qu'Une BalleSingleBIAS 0151986view icon
The WeathermenDeep Down SouthSingleBIAS 0171985view icon
DoleRumroadSingleBIAS 0191985view icon
Aroma Di AmoreZonder OmzienSingleBIAS 0211986view icon
Minimal ManSex TeacherSingleBIAS 0221985view icon
The RevengeWartimeAlbumBIAS 0231985view icon
Minimal ManSlave LullabyAlbumBIAS 0241986view icon
The WeathermenThis Is The Third Communique From The WeathermenSingleBIAS 0251986view icon
The Neon JudgementVoodoo NipplefieldSingleBIAS 0261986view icon
DoleThe Speed Of HopeAlbumBIAS 0271986view icon
The Neon JudgementMafu CageAlbumBIAS 0281986view icon
The WeathermenTake It Off!SingleBIAS 0291986view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsCurious GuySingleBIAS 0301986view icon
The Tear GardenThe Center BulletSingleBIAS 0311987view icon
Trisomie 21Joh' BurgSingleBIAS 0321986view icon
à;GRUMH…UndergroundSingleBIAS 033Aug 1986view icon
3 Angry PolesMotorcycle ManiacSingleBIAS 0341986view icon
Executive SlacksRock'N'RollSingleBIAS 0351986view icon
Bollock BrothersHarley DavidSingleBIAS 0361987view icon
Skinny PuppyDig ItSingleBIAS 0371986view icon
The Neon JudgementAwful DaySingleBIAS 0381986view icon
Disappointed A Few PeopleDead In LoveAlbumBIAS 0391986view icon
Royal Crescent MobLand Of SugarAlbumBIAS 0401986view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsIsland Of JewelsAlbumBIAS 0411988view icon
The WeathermenTen Deadly KissesAlbumBIAS 0421987view icon
Skinny PuppyMind: The Perpetual IntercourseAlbumBIAS 0431986view icon
Various ArtistsThe Dice Are RollingAlbumBIAS 0441986view icon
DoleSlumberlandSingleBIAS 0451986view icon
Siglo XXTill The End Of The NightSingleBIAS 0461986view icon
Trisomie 21Shift AwaySingleBIAS 0471987view icon
Skinny PuppyRemission & BitesAlbumBIAS 048Jan 1987view icon
The SoundIron YearsSingleBIAS 0491987view icon
Steve LakeRunning AwaySingleBIAS 0501987view icon
Siglo XXFlowers For The RebelsAlbumBIAS 0511987view icon
Steve LakeSo CruelAlbumBIAS 0521987view icon
The SoundThunder UpAlbumBIAS 0531987view icon
Chris And CoseyObsessionSingleBIAS 0541987view icon
Steven BrownSearching For ContactAlbumBIAS 0551987view icon
à;GRUMH…Too Many Cocks Spoil The BreathSingleBIAS 057Sep 1987view icon
BorghesiaNo Hope No FearAlbumBIAS 0581987view icon
Minimal ManMock HoneymoonSingleBIAS 0591987view icon
Parade GroundDual PerspectiveSingleBIAS 0601987view icon
Da DavoUntitledSingleBIAS 0611987view icon
The WeathermenPoison!SingleBIAS 0621987view icon
SoundHand Of LoveSingleBIAS 0631987view icon
Cassandra ComplexSomething Came Over MeSingleBIAS 0641987view icon
The Neon JudgementA Man Ain't No Man If A Man Ain't Got No Horse, Man…SingleBIAS 0651987view icon
Steven BrownThe Last RendezvousSingleBIAS 0661987view icon
Trisomie 21Chapter IVAlbumBIAS 0671987view icon
Cassandra ComplexFeel The WidthAlbumBIAS 0681987view icon
Chris And CoseyExoticaAlbumBIAS 0691987view icon
The Neon JudgementFirst JudgementsAlbumBIAS 0701987view icon
Minimal ManHunger Is All She Has Ever KnownAlbumBIAS 0711988view icon
à;GRUMH…Black Vinyl Under CoverAlbumBIAS 072Oct 1987view icon
Siglo XXView Of The WeirdSingleBIAS 0731987view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsUnderglassSingleBIAS 0741988view icon
Chris And CoseyExoticaSingleBIAS 0751987view icon
Trisomie 21Million LightsAlbumBIAS 0761987view icon
The Neon JudgementMiss BrownSingleBIAS 0771987view icon
The Neon JudgementHorny As HellAlbumBIAS 0781987view icon
Click ClickI Rage, I MeltSingleBIAS 0791987view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsAny Day NowAlbumBIAS 0801988view icon
Parade WorldStrange WorldSingleBIAS 0811988view icon
The ScabsThe PimpSingleBIAS 0821987view icon
à;GRUMH…Mix Yourself/No Way OutAlbumBIAS 083Jul 1989view icon
Daniel DarcPas Sans Te RetournerSingleBIAS 0841987view icon
à;GRUMH…Bloody SideSingleBIAS 0851988view icon
BorghesiaNaked And Uniformed DeadSingleBIAS 0861989view icon
Cassandra ComplexTheomaniaAlbumBIAS 0881988view icon
The WeathermenBlack Album According To…AlbumBIAS 0891988view icon
Click ClickRorschach TestingAlbumBIAS 0901988view icon
The ParanoiacsSometimes Teenage Is Spelt TNTAlbumBIAS 0911988view icon
Parade GroundHollywoodSingleBIAS 0921988view icon
Parade GroundCut UpAlbumBIAS 0931988view icon
BorghesiaEscorts And ModelsAlbumBIAS 0941989view icon
Various ArtistsCore - A Conspiracy International ProjectAlbumBIAS 0951988view icon
The ScabsHalfway HomeSingleBIAS 0961988view icon
T.B. FrankSugar SugarSingleBIAS 0971988view icon
Bazooka JoeSugar IslandAlbumBIAS 0981988view icon
The WeathermenPunishment ParkSingleBIAS 0991988view icon
Daniel Parc & Bill PritchardParce QueAlbumBIAS 1001988view icon
The Young GodsL'AmourirSingleBIAS 1011987view icon
The ScabsSkintightAlbumBIAS 1021988view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsThe Golden AgeAlbumBIAS 1031988view icon
Bill PritchardTommy & CoSingleBIAS 1041989view icon
Chris And CoseyRiseSingleBIAS 1051989view icon
Bill Pritchard3 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 DaysAlbumBIAS 1061989view icon
The Genetic TerroristsMachine GunSingleBIAS 1071988view icon
Various ArtistsGenerateAlbumBIAS 1081989view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsBlacklistSingleBIAS 1091989view icon
If It MovesMeat CathedralSingleBIAS 1101988view icon
Daniel DarcSous Influence DivineAlbumBIAS 1111987view icon
Cassandra Complex30 Minutes Of DeathSingleBIAS 1121988view icon
The Neon JudgementGeneral Pain And Major DiseaseAlbumBIAS 1131988view icon
Siglo XXSummers DieSingleBIAS 1141989view icon
Carlos PerónA Dirty SongSingleBIAS 1151988view icon
Carlos PerónImpersonator IIAlbumBIAS 1161988view icon
The ScabsCrystal EyesSingleBIAS 1171988view icon
Cassandra ComplexSatan, Bugs Bunny And MeAlbumBIAS 1181989view icon
Trisomie 21Works In ProgressSingleBIAS 1191989view icon
Trisomie 21Works In ProgressSingleBIAS 1191989view icon
BorghesiaSurveillance And PunishmentSingleBIAS 1201989view icon
Daniel DarcLa VilleSingleBIAS 1211989view icon
Trisomie 21WorksAlbumBIAS 1221989view icon
The ChainsawsPart Time HeroesAlbumBIAS 1231989view icon
Chris And CoseyTrustAlbumBIAS 1241989view icon
Adrian Borland & CitizensAlexandriaAlbumBIAS 1251989view icon
Click ClickYakutskaSingleBIAS 1261988view icon
The ParanoiacsI’ve Been WaitingSingleBIAS 1281989view icon
Bazooka JoeDriveSingleBIAS 1291989view icon
The Young GodsL'Eau Rouge - The Red WaterAlbumBIAS 1301989view icon
Bill PritchardInvisible StateSingleBIAS 1321989view icon
The Neon JudgementGames Of LoveSingleBIAS 1331989view icon
La MuerteDeath Race 2000AlbumBIAS 1341989view icon
The Neon JudgementBlood And ThunderAlbumBIAS 1351989view icon
Cassandra ComplexPenny CenturySingleBIAS 1361989view icon
BorghesiaShe Is Not AloneSingleBIAS 1371989view icon
Daniel DarcSous Influence DivineSingleBIAS 1381989view icon
Adrian Borland & CitizensLight The SkySingleBIAS 1391989view icon
à;GRUMH…A Hard Day's KnightAlbumBIAS 140Sep 1989view icon
Trisomie 21Final WorkSingleBIAS 1411990view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoDog Star ManSingleBIAS 1421990view icon
The ParanoiacsBananasAlbumBIAS 1431989view icon
Click ClickBent MassiveAlbumBIAS 1441989view icon
Siglo XXUnder A Purple SkyAlbumBIAS 1451989view icon
Bill PritchardRomance Sans ParolesSingleBIAS 1461989view icon
BorghesiaResistanceAlbumBIAS 1471990view icon
Cassandra ComplexCyberpunxAlbumBIAS 1481990view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsThe Crushed Velvet ApocalypseAlbumBIAS 1491990view icon
Various Artists(This Is) Electronic Body MusicVideoBIAS 1501989view icon
Cassandra ComplexFinlandSingleBIAS 1511990view icon
Trisomie 21Plays The PicturesAlbumBIAS 1521989view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsPrincess ColdheartAlbumBIAS 1531990view icon
The Neon Judgement1313SingleBIAS 1541989view icon
Adrian Borland & CitizensBeneath The Big WheelSingleBIAS 1551989view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsThe LoversAlbumBIAS 1561991view icon
à;GRUMH…And Now For Something Completely Different... But Not Too Much!SingleBIAS 157Apr 1990view icon
The Young GodsLongue RouteSingleBIAS 1581990view icon
Bazooka JoeSmallvilleSingleBIAS 1591990view icon
The ScabsRoyalty In ExileAlbumBIAS 1601990view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsFishes EyesSingleBIAS 1621990view icon
The ScabsHard TimesSingleBIAS 1631990view icon
Cassandra ComplexNice WorkSingleBIAS 1641990view icon
Bazooka JoeVirtual WorldAlbumBIAS 1651990view icon
BorghesiaMessageSingleBIAS 1661990view icon
The Neon JudgementAlaska HighwaySingleBIAS 1671990view icon
WreckSong XSingleBIAS 1681990view icon
The ParanoiacsI Wanna Be LovedSingleBIAS 1691990view icon
La MuerteExperiment In TerrorAlbumBIAS 1701990view icon
The WeathermenBeyond The BeyondAlbumBIAS 1711990view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoHelter SkelterSingleBIAS 1721990view icon
WreckSoul TrainAlbumBIAS 1731992view icon
The ScabsI Need YouSingleBIAS 1741990view icon
The Neon JudgementThe InsultAlbumBIAS 1751990view icon
Bill PritchardJolieAlbumBIAS 1761991view icon
The ScabsTimeSingleBIAS 1771990view icon
The WeathermenOnce For The LivingSingleBIAS 1781990view icon
Chris And CoseyPagan TangoAlbumBIAS 1791991view icon
Meat Beat Manifesto99%AlbumBIAS 1801990view icon
Trisomie 21Raw MaterialAlbumBIAS 1811990view icon
Bazooka JoeBilly’s FiverSingleBIAS 1831990view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsThe Maria DimensionAlbumBIAS 1841991view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsPigeon HoleAlbumBIAS 1851991view icon
Chris And CoseySynaesthesiaSingleBIAS 1861991view icon
The ScabsLittle LadySingleBIAS 1871991view icon
The Young GodsPlay Kurt WeillAlbumBIAS 1881991view icon
La MuerteKustom Kar KompetitionAlbumBIAS 1891991view icon
not released?BIAS 190
Trisomie 21Side By SideAlbumBIAS 1911991view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoVersion GaloreSingleBIAS 1921991view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsGet BetterSingleBIAS 1931991view icon
Cassandra ComplexWar Against SleepAlbumBIAS 1951991view icon
Bill PritchardNumber FiveSingleBIAS 1961991view icon
The ScabsDon’t You KnowSingleBIAS 1971991view icon
Bill PritchardIn The SummerSingleBIAS 1981991view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsAll Over My FaceSingleBIAS 1991991view icon
not released?BIAS 200
The Young GodsTV SkyAlbumBIAS 2011992view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoSatyriconAlbumBIAS 2021992view icon
The Neon JudgementBaby's On FireSingleBIAS 2031991view icon
The Neon JudgementAre You Real?AlbumBIAS 2041991view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsBody Exit MindAlbumBIAS 2051992view icon
The Young GodsSkinflowersSingleBIAS 2061991view icon
BorghesiaDreamers In ColourAlbumBIAS 2081991view icon
The ParanoiacsThirteenAlbumBIAS 2091992view icon
The ScabsJumping The TracksAlbumBIAS 2101991view icon
The WeathermenGlobal 851AlbumBIAS 2111992view icon
Trisomie 21Distant VoicesAlbumBIAS 2121993view icon
Bill PritchardI'm In Love ForeverSingleBIAS 2131991view icon
not released?BIAS 214
Adrian Borland & CitizensBrittle HeavenAlbumBIAS 2151992view icon
The WeathermenAround The WorldSingleBIAS 2161992view icon
The ScabsRobbin’ The Liquor StoreSingleBIAS 2171992view icon
not released?BIAS 218
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsIt’s Not What You KnowSingleBIAS 2191992view icon
MagnapopMagnapopAlbumBIAS 2201991view icon
Chris And CoseyMuzik FantastiqueAlbumBIAS 2211993view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoEdge Of No ControlSingleBIAS 2221992view icon
Adrian Borland & CitizensAll The WordsSingleBIAS 2231992view icon
The ParanoiacsPrivate MeltdownSingleBIAS 2241992view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsShadow WeaverAlbumBIAS 2251992view icon
The ScabsA Royal Portrait [unreleased]BIAS 226
The ScabsHard To ForgetSingleBIAS 2271992view icon
MagnapopSugarlandSingleBIAS 2281992view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsStockholmSingleBIAS 2291992view icon
Cassandra ComplexBeyond The Wall Of SleepAlbumBIAS 2301992view icon
The Young GodsGasoline ManSingleBIAS 2311992view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoMindstreamSingleBIAS 2321993view icon
Jason RawheadBlackboxSingleBIAS 2331992view icon
The ScabsNothing On My RadioSingleBIAS 2341992view icon
Jason RawheadTime Stopped DeadAlbumBIAS 2351992view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsMalachaiAlbumBIAS 2361992view icon
not released?BIAS 237
Peace, Love And PitbullsPeace, Love And PitbullsAlbumBIAS 2381993view icon
The ScabsInbetweeniesAlbumBIAS 2391993view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsThe Shadow Weaver Parts 1 & 2 [unreleased]AlbumBIAS 240
The Young GodsLive Sky TourAlbumBIAS 2411993view icon
Front 242Live Code 6413356 424225AlbumBIAS 24231 Oct 1994view icon
MagnapopKiss My MouthSingleBIAS 2431993view icon
Dimensional Holofonic SoundAcid-3DSingleBIAS 2441993view icon
not released?BIAS 245
Dimensional Holofonic SoundLSD3DAlbumBIAS 2461993view icon
Peace, Love And PitbullsHitch Hike To MarsSingleBIAS 2471993view icon
not released?BIAS 248
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsLife Is An AccidentSingleBIAS 2491994view icon
The ScabsDogs Days Are OverAlbumBIAS 2501993view icon
MagnapopHot BoxingAlbumBIAS 2511994view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoAsbestos Lead AsbestosSingleBIAS 2521996view icon
The ScabsShe’s Jivin’SingleBIAS 2531993view icon
MooseUptownSingleBIAS 2541993view icon
Cassandra ComplexSex & DeathAlbumBIAS 2551993view icon
NerveDedalusSingleBIAS 2561993view icon
MagnapopSlowly, SlowlySingleBIAS 2571994view icon
Cassandra ComplexGive Me What I NeedSingleBIAS 2581994view icon
Channel ZeroStigmatized For LifeAlbumBIAS 2591993view icon
MooseHoney BeeAlbumBIAS 2601994view icon
NerveCancer Of ChoiceAlbumBIAS 2611994view icon
NerveFragmentsSingleBIAS 2621994view icon
The ScabsThe Party’s OverSingleBIAS 2631993view icon
MooseBang BangSingleBIAS 2641994view icon
The ScabsThe Play It Again Sam YearsBox SetBIAS 2651993view icon
La MuerteRawAlbumBIAS 2661994view icon
MagnapopLay It DownSingleBIAS 2671994view icon
Channel ZeroChannel ZeroAlbumBIAS 2681992view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsThese Foolish ThingsSingleBIAS 2691994view icon
Holy GangFree Tyson Free!AlbumBIAS 2701994view icon
not released?BIAS 271
SequencialSeashellsSingleBIAS 2721994view icon
The ScabsFour AcesSingleBIAS 2731993view icon
Peace, Love And PitbullsAnimalsSingleBIAS 2741994view icon
Cassandra ComplexWork 1.0AlbumBIAS 2761994view icon
The ScabsLet Him WhineSingleBIAS 2771994view icon
Channel ZeroHeroinSingleBIAS 2781994view icon
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsLeft RightSingleBIAS 2791994view icon
The Legendary Pink Dots9 Lives To WonderAlbumBIAS 2801994view icon
Trisomie 21The Songs By T21 - Volume 1AlbumBIAS 2811994view icon
not released?BIAS 282
The ScabsAll You Ever DoSingleBIAS 2831994view icon
not released?BIAS 284
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsLove It AllAlbumBIAS 2851994view icon
MagnapopFire All Your Guns At Once EPSingleBIAS 2871996view icon
not released?BIAS 288
MiossecNon Non Non NonSingleBIAS 2891995view icon
Channel ZeroUnsafeAlbumBIAS 2901994view icon
Peace, Love And PitbullsRed Sonic UnderwearAlbumBIAS 2911994view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoTransmissionSingleBIAS 2921996view icon
NerveBloodSingleBIAS 2931995view icon
not released?BIAS 294
SequencialNautilus [unreleased]AlbumBIAS 295
Real AthleticoLook What They've Done [unreleased]AlbumBIAS 296
MagnapopOpen The DoorSingleBIAS 2971996view icon
Channel ZeroSuck My EnergySingleBIAS 2981995view icon
The Young GodsKissing The SunSingleBIAS 2991995view icon
Various ArtistsIn Defence Of Animals Volume 2AlbumBIAS 3001996view icon
The Young GodsOnly HeavenAlbumBIAS 3011995view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoSubliminal SandwichAlbumBIAS 3021996view icon
The ScabsHard Times (Remix) [unreleased]SingleBIAS 303
not released?BIAS 304
BarkmarketL. RonAlbumBIAS 3051995view icon
Soulwax2nd Handsome BluesSingleBIAS 3061995view icon
MagnapopThis FamilySingleBIAS 3071996view icon
Channel ZeroHelpSingleBIAS 3081996view icon
The Young GodsHeaven DeconstructionAlbumBIAS 3091996view icon
The ScabsLive DogAlbumBIAS 3101993view icon
MiossecBoireAlbumBIAS 3111995view icon
Trisomie 21GohohakoAlbumBIAS 3121997view icon
The ScabsSilly MeSingleBIAS 3131995view icon
not released?BIAS 314
NerveBlood & GoldAlbumBIAS 3151995view icon
SoulwaxKill Your DarlingsSingleBIAS 3161996view icon
MiossecBoire / BaiserAlbumBIAS 3171996view icon
not released?BIAS 318
MiossecRegarde Un Peu La FranceSingleBIAS 3191996view icon
MooseLive A Little, Love A LotAlbumBIAS 3201995view icon
MagnapopRubbing Doesn’t HelpAlbumBIAS 3211996view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoIt's The MusicSingleBIAS 3221996view icon
The ScabsSeven SeasSingleBIAS 3231995view icon
not released?BIAS 324
The Legendary Pink DotsCanta Mientras PuedasAlbumBIAS 3251996view icon
SoulwaxCaramelSingleBIAS 3261996view icon
Zita SwoonCouldn’t She Get DrownedSingleBIAS 3271997view icon
Channel ZeroRun With The TorchSingleBIAS 3281995view icon
SoulwaxGreat Continental Suicide NoteSingleBIAS 3291996view icon
The ScabsSunset Over WastelandAlbumBIAS 3301995view icon
GrauzoneDie Sunrise TapesAlbumBIAS 3311998view icon
not released?BIAS 332
The ScabsLonely ManSingleBIAS 3331995view icon
not released?BIAS 334
not released?BIAS 335
The ScabsHard To ForgetAlbumBIAS 3361996view icon
Zita SwoonGiving Up The HeroSingleBIAS 3371997view icon
Channel ZeroFool’s ParadeSingleBIAS 3381996view icon
not released?BIAS 339
SoulwaxLeave The Story UntoldAlbumBIAS 3401996view icon
SoulwaxLeave The Story UntoldAlbumBIAS 3401996view icon
Zita SwoonSunriseAlbumBIAS 3411997view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoAcid AgainSingleBIAS 342Jun 1998view icon
not released?BIAS 343
not released?BIAS 344
Meat Beat ManifestoActual Sounds + VoicesAlbumBIAS 345Sep 1998view icon
SoulwaxMy Cruel JokeSingleBIAS 3461998view icon
Frank Black And The CatholicsAll My GhostsSingleBIAS 347Apr 1998view icon
Channel ZeroBlack FuelSingleBIAS 3481997view icon
Al CometCometAlbumBIAS 349Jul 1997view icon
Channel ZeroBlack FuelAlbumBIAS 3501996view icon
MiossecBaiserAlbumBIAS 3511997view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoPrime Audio SoupSingleBIAS 352Nov 1998view icon
not released?BIAS 353
Kelly Deal 6000Brillo HuntSingleBIAS 3541997view icon
not released?BIAS 355
SoulwaxMuch Against Everyone’s AdviceSingleBIAS 3561998view icon
Frank Black And The CatholicsDog GoneSingleBIAS 3571998view icon
not released?BIAS 358
not released?BIAS 359
SoulwaxMuch Against Everyone’s AdviceAlbumBIAS 3601998view icon
Kelly Deal 6000Boom! Boom! Boom!AlbumBIAS 3611997view icon
SttelllaLiveAlbumBIAS 3621997view icon
not released?BIAS 363
KrewcialLive Guy With GlassesAlbumBIAS 3641999view icon
Channel ZeroLiveAlbumBIAS 3651997view icon
SoulwaxConversation IntercomSingleBIAS 3661998view icon
Das PopThe Little BoySingleBIAS 3671998view icon
SttelllaAnnées 80SingleBIAS 3681998view icon
not released?BIAS 369
Frank Black And The CatholicsFrank Black And The CatholicsAlbumBIAS 370May 1998view icon
not released?BIAS 371
not released?BIAS 372
not released?BIAS 373
De MensEinde Van De Eeuw [unreleased]SingleBIAS 3741999
Various ArtistsMusic From Chicago CabAlbumBIAS 375Sep 1998view icon
SoulwaxSaturdaySingleBIAS 3761999view icon
not released?BIAS 377
not released?BIAS 378
not released?BIAS 379
De MensSex Verandert AllesAlbumBIAS 3801999view icon
not released?BIAS 381
SttelllaIl Faut Tourner L'ApacheAlbumBIAS 3821999view icon
not released?BIAS 383
not released?BIAS 385
Kelly Deal 6000Canyon [unreleased]SingleBIAS 386
not released?BIAS 387
not released?BIAS 388
MiossecLe VoisinSingleBIAS 3891999view icon
Frank Black And The CatholicsPistoleroAlbumBIAS 3901999view icon
not released?BIAS 391
not released?BIAS 392
NerveBlood [unreleased]SingleBIAS 393
The ScabsGangbang [unreleased]AlbumBIAS 394
not released?BIAS 395
not released?BIAS 396
not released?BIAS 397
not released?BIAS 398
MiossecLe Chien MouilléSingleBIAS 3991999view icon
not released?BIAS 400
not released?BIAS 401
not released?BIAS 402
not released?BIAS 403
not released?BIAS 404
not released?BIAS 405
not released?BIAS 406
not released?BIAS 407
not released?BIAS 408
not released?BIAS 409
not released?BIAS 410
MiossecA PrendreAlbumBIAS 4111999view icon
The Legendary Pink DotsThe Legendary Pink BoxAlbumBIAS 8341989view icon
Various Artists(This Is) Electronic Body MusicAlbumEBM 0011988view icon
Front 242Live TargetAlbumGUZZI 8881993view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 001
Siglo XXBaby DivineSinglePROMOBIAS 0021989view icon
The ParanoiacsWendy JamesSinglePROMOBIAS 0031992view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoPsyche OutSinglePROMOBIAS 006Sep 1990view icon
Various ArtistsSounds Of SamSinglePROMOBIAS 0071990view icon
Various ArtistsPlay It Again OOR!SinglePROMOBIAS 0081990view icon
Various ArtistsBest SamplerSinglePROMOBIAS 0091991view icon
Djum DjumDifferenceSinglePROMOBIAS 0091990view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoNowSinglePROMOBIAS 0111991view icon
Various ArtistsPlay It Again Records Sampler November 91AlbumPROMOBIAS 0121991view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 017
New Fast Atomic DaffodilsEvery Once In A WhileSinglePROMOBIAS 0191994view icon
Jean BartEgoïste Dans Un Corps En SoloSinglePROMOBIAS 0221993view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 023
not released?PROMOBIAS 024
The Young GodsThe Young GodsAlbumPROMOBIAS 0261995view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 030
not released?PROMOBIAS 031
SoulwaxTracks From The Forthcoming AlbumAlbumPROMOBIAS 0341996view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 036
not released?PROMOBIAS 037
not released?PROMOBIAS 039
Various ArtistsPIAS Midem 97 SamplerAlbumPROMOBIAS 0401997view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 041
MiossecSalut Les AmourexSinglePROMOBIAS 042view icon
not released?PROMOBIAS 043
SoulwaxLast ChristmasAlbumPROMOBIAS 044view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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