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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Various ArtistsThe Tyranny Of The Beat - Original Soundtracks From The Grey AreaAlbumGREY 1Oct 1991view icon
Various ArtistsMagnetic SubmissionAlbumMFTEQ 11Mar 1995view icon
Various ArtistsZauber Volume II Of MusicAlbumMFTEQ 12Aug 1995view icon
Various ArtistsMusic From The Empty Quarter: GhafranAlbumMFTEQ 93/13 Dec 1993view icon
Solar EnemyProceed To Beyond (The Rape Of Europa)AlbumTEQM 930011993view icon
LagowskiWire ScienceAlbumTEQM 9300228 Nov 1994view icon
Vanishing HeatThe ItchAlbumTEQM 930051993
BlackhouseStairway/GospelAlbumTEQM 930061993
Portion ControlThe Man Who Did Backwards SomersaultsAlbumTEQM 9400328 Nov 1994view icon
Various ArtistsT.E.Q. Music? SamplerAlbumTEQM 941P1994view icon
Drift PioneerMetal Elf BoyAlbumTEQM 950049 May 1995view icon
Portion ControlStep Forward [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95006
Portion ControlPsycho-Bod Saves The World [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95007
Portion ControlHit The Pulse [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95008
Portion ControlI Staggered Mentally [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95009
Portion Control [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95010
Portion Control [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95011
Portion ControlSimulate Sensual [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95012
Portion ControlAssault [unreleased]AlbumTEQM 95013
Arthur Loves PlasticSperm WarfareAlbumTEQM 9501415 May 1995view icon
Various ArtistsT.E.Q. Music? Sampler: +Aspect1AlbumTEQM 952P1995view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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