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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Pankow(1)Kunst Und WahnsinnSingleZOT 0011989view icon
Noise ControlMy FightSingleZOT 0021989view icon
ConsolidatedConsolidatedSingleZOT 0031989view icon
Aircrash BureauExhibitionSingleZOT 0041989view icon
X Marks The PedwalkArbitary ExecutionSingleZOT 0051989view icon
Leæther StripJapanese BodiesSingleZOT 0061989view icon
Armageddon DildosEast/WestSingleZOT 0071990view icon
Brigade WertherTo Be ContinuedSingleZOT 0081990view icon
Leæther StripAspects Of Aggression EPSingleZOT 0091990view icon
ConsolidatedDysfunctional RelationshipSingleZOT 0101990view icon
X Marks The PedwalkDisease ControlSingleZOT 0111990view icon
Bigod 20The BogSingleZOT 0121990view icon
Leæther StripScience For The Satanic Citizen EPSingleZOT 0131990view icon
Armageddon DildosNever MindSingleZOT 0141991view icon
X Marks The PedwalkAbbatoirSingleZOT 0151991view icon
KlutæExplicitSingleZOT 0161991view icon
Shift(1)ElectrofixxSingleZOT 0171991view icon
Leæther StripObject VSingleZOT 0181991view icon
Armageddon DildosResistSingleZOT 0191991view icon
X Marks The PedwalkCenotaphSingleZOT 0201991view icon
A-Head(1)Deep DownSingleZOT 0211991view icon
PsychopompsGodshitSingleZOT 0221992view icon
Armageddon DildosHomicidal ManiacSingleZOT 023Oct 1992view icon
Bigod 20On The RunSingleZOT 0241992view icon
X Marks The PedwalkThe TrapSingleZOT 0251992view icon
Leæther StripMaterial EPSingleZOT 0261992view icon
HeadcrashScapegoatSingleZOT 0271992view icon
X Marks The PedwalkParanoid IllusionsSingleZOT 0281993view icon
Various ArtistsMusic Research Alternative Promo Autumn '95AlbumZOT 0971995view icon
Various ArtistsColourized Vol. 1SingleZOT 0981995view icon
Various ArtistsThe Zoth Ommog MegamixSingleZOT 0991994view icon
Various Artists10 Years of Zoth OmmogSingleZOT 09910view icon
Various ArtistsPopkomm 1999AlbumZOT 0992view icon
Various ArtistsZoth In Your MindAlbumZOT 10027 Sep 1993view icon
Blok 57Mean MachineSingleZOT 101Oct 1993view icon
Bigod 20It's Up To YouSingleZOT 102Oct 1993view icon
Leæther StripUnderneath The LaughterAlbumZOT 103Oct 1993view icon
Armageddon DildosFearSingleZOT 104Nov 1993view icon
Spahn RanchCollateral DamageAlbumZOT 105Nov 1993view icon
Yeht MaeTransmitterAlbumZOT 106Nov 1993view icon
X Marks The PedwalkThe Killing Had BegunAlbumZOT 107Jan 1994view icon
Mentallo & The FixerWhere Angels Fear To TreadAlbumZOT 1081994view icon
Orange SectorFlashbackAlbumZOT 1091994view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 3AlbumZOT 1101994view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 4AlbumZOT 1111994view icon
Violet ArcanaIn The Scene Of The MindAlbumZOT 1121994view icon
ArtefaktoDes-ConstructionAlbumZOT 1131994view icon
Leæther StripSerenade For The DeadAlbumZOT 114Jul 1994view icon
Armageddon Dildos07 104AlbumZOT 115Jul 1994view icon
Spahn RanchDeath & TaxesAlbumZOT 1161994view icon
MainesthaiOut To LunchAlbumZOT 1171994view icon
X Marks The PedwalkAir Back TraxAlbumZOT 11818 Jul 1994view icon
Mentallo & The FixerMeets MainesthaiAlbumZOT 1191994view icon
Leæther StripPositive DepressionSingleZOT 1205 Dec 1994view icon
Various ArtistsThe Colours Of Zoth OmmogAlbumZOT 1211994view icon
Bigod 20SupercuteAlbumZOT 12219 Sep 1994view icon
Bigod 20OneSingleZOT 123Oct 1994view icon
Armageddon DildosToo Far To SuicideSingleZOT 124Sep 1994view icon
Armageddon DildosLostAlbumZOT 1254 Oct 1994view icon
Orange SectorKids In AmericaSingleZOT 12612 Sep 1994view icon
Violet ArcanaSerenitySingleZOT 1271994view icon
Zero DefectsDurabilitySingleZOT 12824 Oct 1994view icon
Zero DefectsNon-RecycleableAlbumZOT 12921 Nov 1994view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 5AlbumZOT 1301995view icon
SynaesthesiaEmbodyAlbumZOT 1315 Oct 1995view icon
Penal ColonyMulticolored ShadesAlbumZOT 13213 Feb 1995view icon
PsychopompsSix Six Six Nights In HellAlbumZOT 13320 Feb 1995view icon
44 X ESBanish SilenceAlbumZOT 1341995view icon
Penal ColonyShadows In BlueSingleZOT 13527 Feb 1995view icon
Various ArtistsAP The ContestAlbumZOT 1361995view icon
Lights Of EuphoriaBrainstormAlbumZOT 13713 Feb 1995view icon
Armageddon DildosUniteSingleZOT 1381995view icon
X Marks The PedwalkFacerSingleZOT 13927 Mar 1995view icon
SynaesthesiaDesideratumAlbumZOT 140Jan 1996view icon
Blok 57Animals On SpeedAlbumZOT 1411995view icon
1.A.M.1000 BeatsSingleZOT 1421995view icon
KlinikTo The KnifeAlbumZOT 143Mar 1995view icon
Zero DefectsThoughtographicSingleZOT 1441995view icon
Leæther StripLegacy Of Hate And LustAlbumZOT 145Nov 1995view icon
KlutæExcel EPSingleZOT 146Jan 1996view icon
KlinikStitchAlbumZOT 1471996view icon
PsychopompsFirst BloodAlbumZOT 1489 Jan 1996view icon
Various ArtistsBest Of EBM & ElectroAlbumZOT 1491996view icon
Various ArtistsBest Of Zoth Ommog Vol. 1AlbumZOT 1501996view icon
X Marks The PedwalkMeshworkAlbumZOT 151Jan 1996view icon
Lights Of EuphoriaBeyond SubconciousnessAlbumZOT 1523 Sep 1996view icon
Leæther StripThe Best OfAlbumZOT 1531996view icon
In Strict ConfidenceCryogenixAlbumZOT 1541996view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial X-PerienceAlbumZOT 1551996view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 6AlbumZOT 1561996view icon
EderaAmbiguousAlbumZOT 1571996view icon
X-ActNo MatterAlbumZOT 1581996view icon
Collapsed SystemBerlin 2007AlbumZOT 1591996view icon
Various ArtistsStrange World (Synthi-Pop)AlbumZOT 1601996view icon
Leæther StripThe Rebirth Of AgonyAlbumZOT 1611996view icon
Second DiseaseF.T.D.T.AlbumZOT 1621996view icon
Birmingham 6Error Of JudgementAlbumZOT 1631996view icon
Funker VogtThanks For NothingAlbumZOT 1641996view icon
PAXThe Power Of Pure IntellectAlbumZOT 1651996view icon
Bio-TekA God Ignored Is A Demon BornAlbumZOT 1661996view icon
SnogThe FutureSingleZOT 16717 Jan 1996view icon
Zero DefectsKommaAlbumZOT 1681997view icon
Leæther StripYes I'm Limited IIAlbumZOT 1691997view icon
Funker VogtWords Of PowerSingleZOT 1701997view icon
Decoded FeedbackTechnophobyAlbumZOT 1711997view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 7AlbumZOT 1721997view icon
Seven TreesEmbracing The UnknownAlbumZOT 1731997view icon
TrylokContrastAlbumZOT 1741997view icon
X-ActBarrel Of A GunSingleZOT 1751997view icon
EquatronicShadowlandAlbumZOT 1761997view icon
In Strict ConfidenceCollapseAlbumZOT 1771997view icon
Leæther StripSelf InflictedAlbumZOT 1781998view icon
Various ArtistsA Tribute To…AlbumZOT 1791997view icon
SynaesthesiaEphemeralAlbumZOT 18014 Apr 1997view icon
GodheadsOrdinary SwoonAlbumZOT 1811997view icon
InfamTo Die ForAlbumZOT 1821997view icon
Various ArtistsThe History Files - Volume OneAlbumZOT 1831997view icon
NecrofixNefarious SomnabulanceAlbumZOT 1841997view icon
Lights Of EuphoriaFahrenheitAlbumZOT 18528 Apr 1997view icon
Mentallo & The Fixer…There's No Air To BreatheAlbumZOT 1861997view icon
Bio-TekDarkness My Name IsAlbumZOT 187Sep 1997view icon
Birmingham 6You Cannot Walk HereSingleZOT 1881997view icon
Front Line AssemblyThe Initial CommandAlbumZOT 1891997view icon
Dark IlluminationRealize The ErrorAlbumZOT 1901997view icon
Various ArtistsBodyhorst's Pop ShowAlbumZOT 1911997view icon
Funker VogtTake CareSingleZOT 1921997view icon
E.C.M.AmbivalenceAlbumZOT 1931997view icon
Allied VisionUnburiedAlbumZOT 1941997view icon
Good CourageGuilty On All Acounts - Rust 5AlbumZOT 1951997view icon
X Marks The PedwalkDrawbackAlbumZOT 196Nov 1997view icon
Orange SectorScars Of LoveAlbumZOT 1971998view icon
Controlled FusionIncubation TimeAlbumZOT 1981998view icon
Funker VogtWe Came To KillAlbumZOT 1991997view icon
Various ArtistsSomething For Your MindAlbumZOT 2001997view icon
Fusspils 11Gib Ihr Einen NamenAlbumZOT 2011998view icon
U-TekGoldene Zeit 1989-1993AlbumZOT 2021998view icon
Cleen(1)Designed MemoriesAlbumZOT 2031997view icon
In Strict ConfidenceFace The FearAlbumZOT 2041998view icon
Leæther StripAnal Cabaret - A Tribute To Soft CellSingleZOT 2051998view icon
PsychopompsFiction Non FictionAlbumZOT 20619 Jan 1997view icon
InternalDysfunctional SubconsciousAlbumZOT 2071998view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 8AlbumZOT 2081999view icon
RavenousNo retreat & no surrenderAlbumZOT 2091998view icon
Orange SectorMasqueradeAlbumZOT 2101998view icon
Funker VogtKilling Time AgainSingleZOT 2111998view icon
InfamI Tried But I FailedAlbumZOT 2121998view icon
Matter Of FactInfactedAlbumZOT 2131998view icon
EquinoxHolonAlbumZOT 2142 Jun 1998view icon
Mentallo & The FixerNo Further Rest For The WickedAlbumZOT 2151998view icon
Front Line AssemblyThe Singles Four FitAlbumZOT 21631 Jul 1998view icon
Dark IlluminationPathfinderAlbumZOT 2171998view icon
EquatronicMotivationAlbumZOT 2181998view icon
FictionalFictitiousAlbumZOT 2191998view icon
Decoded FeedbackBio-VitalAlbumZOT 2201998view icon
MelotronMörderwerkAlbumZOT 2211998view icon
Funker VogtTragic HeroSingleZOT 2221998view icon
AbscessPunishment & Crippled RealityAlbumZOT 2231998view icon
Lights Of EuphoriaVoicesAlbumZOT 22412 Oct 1998view icon
Funker VogtExecution TracksAlbumZOT 2251998view icon
MelotronDein MeisterSingleZOT 2261998view icon
In Strict ConfidenceIndustrial Love / PredictionAlbumZOT 2271998view icon
Leæther StripYes I'm Limited IIIAlbumZOT 228Oct 1998view icon
Birmingham 6Mixed JudgementsAlbumZOT 2291998view icon
Aghast ViewCarcinopestAlbumZOT 2301998view icon
Front 242Headhunter 2000 - Part 1.0SingleZOT 23130 Oct 1998view icon
Front 242Headhunter 2000 - Part 2.0SingleZOT 23230 Oct 1998view icon
Front 242Headhunter 2000 - Part 3.0SingleZOT 23330 Oct 1998view icon
Front 242Headhunter 2000 - Part 4.0SingleZOT 23430 Oct 1998view icon
NumbLanguage Of SilenceAlbumZOT 23523 Nov 1998view icon
Cleen(1)Second PathAlbumZOT 2361999view icon
PAXHigh Speed Digital Spirit ProcessingAlbumZOT 2371998view icon
Various Artists10 Years Of Zoth OmmogAlbumZOT 2381999view icon
Various ArtistsThe History Files - Volume 2AlbumZOT 2391999view icon
MelotronDer Blaue PlanetSingleZOT 2401999view icon
Various ArtistsTour - CDAlbumZOT 2411998view icon
Front 242Re-Boot (Live)AlbumZOT 242Jul 1998view icon
Imperative ReactionEulogy For The Sick ChildAlbumZOT 2431999view icon
Negative FormatResult Of A New CultureAlbumZOT 2441999view icon
Leæther StripSerenade For The DeadAlbumZOT 245Apr 1999view icon
Front Line AssemblyProphecySingleZOT 246Apr 1999view icon
Front Line AssemblyImplodeAlbumZOT 24723 Apr 1999view icon
Various ArtistsCryogenic StudiosAlbumZOT 2481998view icon
Various ArtistsElectromaniaAlbumZOT 2491999view icon
Decoded FeedbackEVOlutionAlbumZOT 2501999view icon
Armageddon DildosRe:MatchAlbumZOT 2511999view icon
Armageddon DildosEastwest 2000SingleZOT 2521999view icon
PeakZeroAlbumZOT 2531999view icon
RavenousSilverraySingleZOT 2541999view icon
MelotronKindertraum V 1.0SingleZOT 2551999view icon
MelotronKindertraum V 2.0SingleZOT 2561999view icon
Front Line AssemblyFatalistSingleZOT 25713 Dec 1999view icon
X-Act3AlbumZOT 2582000view icon
Strategy(1)AssignmentAlbumZOT 2592000view icon
Shock Of RealityAbysmal DevotionAlbumZOT 2602000view icon
Sub/ZeroIllusionSingleZOT 2612000view icon
Various ArtistsElectro Wave Industrial PromotionalAlbumZOT19961996view icon
Various ArtistsThe Electronic AlternativeAlbumZOT19971997view icon
Various ArtistsPopkomm 1997 AlternativeAlbumZOT1997-21997view icon
Leæther StripYes I'm LimitedSingleZOTL 011992view icon
Leæther StripThe Pleasure Of PenetrationAlbumZOTLP 0019 Sep 1990view icon
ConsolidatedThe Myth Of RockAlbumZOTLP 0021990view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 1AlbumZOTLP 0031990view icon
Armageddon DildosThat's ArmageddonAlbumZOTLP 0041991view icon
X Marks The PedwalkFreaksAlbumZOTLP 0051991view icon
PsychopompsAssasins DK UnitedAlbumZOTLP 006Mar 1992view icon
Various ArtistsBody Rapture Vol. 2AlbumZOTLP 007Mar 1992view icon
Leæther StripSolitary ConfinementAlbumZOTLP 008Apr 1992view icon
Blok 57Blok 57AlbumZOTLP 009May 1992view icon
Ringtailed SnorterRevealing ObstaclesAlbumZOTLP 010Jun 1992view icon
Yeht MaeAnatomyAlbumZOTLP 011Aug 1992view icon
KlutæExcludedAlbumZOTLP 012Sep 1992view icon
Bigod 20Steel Works!AlbumZOTLP 01328 Sep 1992view icon
X Marks The PedwalkHuman DesolationAlbumZOTLP 01418 Jan 1993view icon
Mentallo & The FixerRevelations 23AlbumZOTLP 015Feb 1993view icon
PsychopompsPro - Death - RaversAlbumZOTLP 016Mar 1993view icon
Armageddon DildosHomicidal DollsAlbumZOTLP 01713 Apr 1993view icon
Orange SectorFaithAlbumZOTLP 018Jun 1993view icon
Ringtailed SnorterSexual Child AbuseAlbumZOTLP 019Jun 1993view icon
ConsolidatedMessage To…SingleZZPRO 1view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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