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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Various ArtistsFuture Retro SamplerSinglePYLON 0012005view icon
not released?PYLON 002
Peter BlackDescending Patterns Anthology 1991-2006AlbumPYLON 0032006view icon
not released?PYLON 004
LadytronSoft PowerSinglePYLON 0052007view icon
Peter Black1979SinglePYLON 0062007view icon
DJ MochizukiStar…LibreSinglePYLON 0072007view icon
Hotlips & HawkeyeBroken RuleSinglePYLON 0082007view icon
not released?PYLON 009
Iron CurtainDesertion 1982-1988AlbumPYLON 0102007view icon
Iron CurtainTarantula ScreamSinglePYLON 0112008view icon
Iron CurtainDVDVideoPYLON 011V2007view icon
Iron CurtainDesertion 1982-1988AlbumPYLON 0122008view icon
Iron CurtainArtifactAlbumPYLON 0132008view icon
DJ DukeSatisfactionSinglePYLON 0142009view icon
Ara SimonianThrustSinglePYLON 0152010view icon
Iron CurtainShadowSinglePYLON 0162010view icon
Iron CurtainTerror StorySinglePYLON 0172010view icon
Iron CurtainLike A FamilySinglePYLON 0182010view icon
Neud PhotoOpen-Air CinemaAlbumPYLON 01926 Apr 2011view icon
IkonIn The Shadow Of The AngelAlbumPYLON 020A2011view icon
Peter HookUnknown Pleasures - Live In AustraliaAlbumPYLON 020B31 May 2011view icon
Peter HookUnknown Pleasures - Live In AustraliaAlbumPYLON 02131 May 2011view icon
not released?PYLON 022
not released?PYLON 023
Death In JuneNada PlusAlbumPYLON 0242011view icon
Neud PhotoSimulationsSinglePYLON 0252012view icon
IkonFlowers For The GatheringAlbumPYLON 026A2012view icon
IkonAzkadeliaSinglePYLON 026B2012view icon
Douglas J McCarthyKill Your FriendsAlbumPYLON 02723 Nov 2012view icon
AbecedariansEurekaAlbumPYLON 0284 Dec 2012view icon
Douglas J McCarthyDeath Is KingSinglePYLON 02929 Oct 2012view icon
Nitzer EbbBasic Pain ProcedureAlbumPYLON 0307 Dec 2012view icon
Douglas J McCarthyMove OnSinglePYLON 03118 Feb 2013view icon
Ralph MyerzSupersonic PulseAlbumPYLON 0322013view icon
VisageHearts & KnivesAlbumPYLON 03311 Jun 2013view icon
MarnieCrystal WorldAlbumPYLON 0342013view icon
BlakkatFeel EpicSinglePYLON 0352013view icon
Douglas J McCarthyMove On (Tour Edition)SinglePYLON 036Aug 2013view icon
Death In JuneThe Corn Years (Remastered)AlbumPYLON 03730 Dec 2014
Death In JuneThe Wall Of Sacrifice (Remastered)AlbumPYLON 03830 Dec 2014

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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