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Object ÆP [Album]

German limited edition 12"+CD
released via with catalogue number EZR 010

Leæther Strip Object ÆP German CD EZR 010 product image photo cover
Format: 12"+CD
Country of origin: Germany
Catalogue number: EZR 010
EAN/barcode: 8016670119142
Release date: 16th November 2012
Limited Edition: Yes
Promotional item: No
Counterfeit/Bootleg/Unofficial: No
Quantity manufactured: 401

Track Listing:

Item - Side - #Track TitleTypeLengthInformationViewBuy
1 - A - 1Kiss My DeutschlandAnalogue Audio Vinyl4:48view iconbuy icon
1 - A - 2Cardiac ArrestAnalogue Audio Vinyl6:11view iconbuy icon
1 - A - 3Strong Women - Hardcore FemalesAnalogue Audio Vinyl4:58view iconbuy icon
1 - B - 1Power TripAnalogue Audio Vinyl3:43view iconbuy icon
1 - B - 2The March Of ManAnalogue Audio Vinyl5:11view iconbuy icon
1 - B - 3MirrorsAnalogue Audio Vinyl5:21view iconbuy icon
1 - B - 4It Happened On Christmas DayAnalogue Audio Vinyl5:02view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 1Kiss My DeutschlandDigital Audio CD4:48view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 2Cardiac ArrestDigital Audio CD6:11view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 3Strong Women - Hardcore FemalesDigital Audio CD4:58view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 4Power TripDigital Audio CD3:43view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 5The March Of ManDigital Audio CD5:11view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 6MirrorsDigital Audio CD5:21view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 7It Happened On Christmas DayDigital Audio CD5:02view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 8Kiss My Deutschland (Fgfc820 Remix)Digital Audio CD5:06view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 9Kiss My Deutschland (Glory Hole Mix By Needle Sharing)Digital Audio CD6:22view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 10Cardiac Arrest (Instrumental Version)Digital Audio CD6:04view iconbuy icon

This release includes the following items:

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