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Hærværk [Album]

Belgian limited edition CD
released via Alfa Matrix with catalogue number AE6001CD

Leæther Strip Hærværk Belgian CD AE6001CD product image photo cover
Format: CD info icon - Compact Disc info icon
Country of origin: Belgium
Label: Alfa Matrix
Catalogue number: AE6001CD
EAN/barcode: no barcode or currently unknown
Release date: April 2009
Limited Edition: Yes
Promotional item: No
Counterfeit/Bootleg/Unofficial: No
Quantity manufactured: 1000


hand numbered CD only available at April 2009 live concerts

Track Listing:

Item - Side - #Track TitleTypeLengthInformationViewBuy
1 - x - 188Digital Audio CD6:41view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 2Æddictive BehaviourDigital Audio CD5:59view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 3The Kings Among the SlavesDigital Audio CD5:31view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 4Hærværk Pt. 1Digital Audio CD3:49view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 5Strap Me Down (09 - Extended Version)Digital Audio CD6:40view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 6Hærværk Pt. 2Digital Audio CD2:39view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 7Adrenaline Rush (09)Digital Audio CD7:26view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 8Hærværk Pt. 3Digital Audio CD2:47view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 9Black Gold (09)Digital Audio CD4:56view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 10Hærværk Pt. 4Digital Audio CD2:34view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 11Body - Machine - Body (09 - Bodies On Sale Version)Digital Audio CD7:08view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 12Hærværk Pt. 5Digital Audio CD2:01view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 13Genetic Fuckup (Evil Version)Digital Audio CD6:43view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 14Klutæ - Long Live EBM (Extended Version)Digital Audio CD5:51view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 15Klutæ - Desert Storm (Extended Version)Digital Audio CD5:53view iconbuy icon

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