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The CyberNoise Assimilation 15th April 2013

The CyberNoise Assimilation is a weekly roundup of news, information, releases and events for all things related to electronic music. If you're an artist, record label, event organiser and would like some news to be assimilated be sure to contact us.

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News Assimilated on 15/04/2013

B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation)

B.E.F. to play two live gigs with special guests in Sheffield and London, UK + pre-orders for the new album 'Music of Quality & Distinction Volume 3 - Dark' are being taken now (including a special signed limited edition) - >>> view B.E.F.

Black Asteroid (Bryan Black of Motor)

Black Asteroid post video for 'Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel)' - >>> view Black Asteroid

The Black Dog

The Black Dog to release a new album 'Tranklements' on 20/05/2013- >>> view The Black Dog

John Carpenter

John Carpenter's 'The Fog' soundtrack is to be released by Death Waltz Recording on 10/06/2013 and there's a special London screening of the film on 07/06/2013 with the first 200 hand numbered copies offered for sale on the night - >>> view John Carpenter | Death Waltz

Daft Punk

Daft Punk fan shot footage of the new teaser video premiered at Coachella can be found here - >>> view Daft Punk

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode announced some more European dates including 5 in the UK for Winter 2013 - >>> view Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

Justin Warfield posts FREE download of his Depeche Mode 'Heaven (Justin Warfield Official Remix)' - >>> view Depeche Mode

Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly post cover image for their new album 'Echogenetic' coming July 2013 - >>> view Front Line Assembly

Juno Reactor

Juno Reactor to release new album 'The Golden Sun of the Great East' on 23/04/2013 via Metropolis Records - >>> view Juno Reactor | Metropolis

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip to play a 25th anniversary show at Electrowerkz in London on 07/12/2013. Tickets available now - >>> view Leæther Strip


Liars announce shows in the US, Europe + UK in May+June 2013 + >>> view Liars

Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet has released the first (digital) single 'When I Was Your Girl' from her forthcoming new electropop album - + she's playing a special 'Taking The Minutes' album launch gig at Bush Hall, London, UK on 18/04/2031 - >>> view Alison Moyet

Gary Numan

Gary Numan Announces new album 'Splinter' due for release on 14/10/2013 + initial winter 2013 tour dates in the UK - + gold VIP packages also available (concert ticket NOT included) - >>> view Gary Numan


OMD post video for 'Please Remain Seated' from the English Electric album - + their 'Architecture And Morality And More' video is to be released on blu-ray in the UK on 06/05/2013. Preorder now - >>> view Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark


Visage post intro video for 'Hearts And Knives' online - + part one of the new single 'Shameless Fashion' is released digitally on 15/04/2013 - + part two to follow on 06/05/2013 including a physical CD single - >>> view Visage

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