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A Day For Dil - 23rd June 2018

by Graham Needham (© 7th May 2018)

with contributions by Joe Ahmed, Sheer Zed, Simon Dell, Rolf-Peter Schmidt and Robin Rimbaud
Joe Ahmed: So… at the end of 2017 a good friend of ours passed away. I met him through a mutual passion for music that wasn't to everyone's taste. His name was David Law although we all just knew him as DIl, or Dil23 as he was known on Twitter. We'd meet up at bars just before gigs performed by some of the most creative people in electronic music. He even came along to all the Security (the band I perform in alongside Phil Eaglesham) gigs. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live. When he had passed it was very clear to me how much of an impact his death had on a lot of artists working on the edges of electronic and experimental music. So, some of us have come together to pay tribute to this lovely, gentle, man with a day of celebration to his memory. This is not just another compilation, but a day of rolling digital releases of music, video, art, poetry and statements culminating in a concert headlined by Ruby/Lesley Rankine, also featuring Dave Fleet (Laica), Security and Three Daughters (Frenchbloke & Friends). DJ will be Davie Miller from Finitribe/Finiflex. There will also be a video presentation by Ætheric Anomalies. A limited edition cassette curated by Frenchbloke will also be released and on sale at the concert. Artists who have agreed to contribute material for the day are now embedded below.

Graham Needham (CyberNoise Discographer): I met David (aka DIL) at a special Chris & Cosey concert in 2011 via mutual friends Joe Ahmed and Phil Eaglesham aka mister_p6. David was a fantastic person and always friendly and jovial whenever I met him at concerts. My wife and I then met up with him in Edinburgh in the autumn of 2016, when we were considering living there. Regardless of his problems at the time, David made the effort to get together, talk about the area, be a font of knowledge, and simply be an amazing person that wanted to help. We miss him very much. Rest in peace David.

Rolf-Peter Schmidt (Thee Balancer): I met DIL in Berlin during a three day event of Throbbing Gristle’s reunion at New Year’s Eve 2006. There was a… --> read more

Robin Rimbaud (Scanner): Today is a special day for a fellow that sadly passed away at the end of 2017. David Law, known as… --> read more

A Day for Dil.

If you are contributing to A Day For Dil and would like the information about what you are contributing posted to this page please do not hesitate to get in contact with us online here or via Twitter.

A Day For Dil concert / event

A Day For Dil concert flyer

All proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer. As of 6th July 2018 we have so far raised a total of £1542.24.

Donate To Macmillan Cancer Support

#ADayForDil Contributions

DIL23 - sparkle

Carter Tutti - It's A Beautiful Thing

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner - The Harvest Has Come

Ruby - Embers (A Mix For Dil)

Thee Balancer - Still Alive

Gavin Toomey - Phosphorate (A Song for DIL23)

David Fyans - Skull Friday (for DIL23)

Security - No (cover of The Associates song - written by Rankin/Mackenzie)

Joe Ahmed - An Uncommon Man

Ela Orleans featuring Dil - Lucifers Christmas

Laica - Liminal Factories

Davie Miller (Finitribe/Finiflex) Sounds For Dil mixtape

Sheer Zed - Jerry The Cat

Brydon Cheyney - Atomic (Koresh Hates Thee Children Mix)

GRMMSK - Long Way (#ADayforDil Version)

Hollis - Shine (image)

Shine: 2018. In remembrance of DIL23

Anthony of The Implicit Order - DIL collages 1 and 2 (images)

Skull Friday : A Tape For DIL23 Charity 2x Cassette

This special double cassette compilation was available on the day at the A Day For Dil charity event in Glasgow (see poster at the top this page) - the remaining copies are now available via The Dark Outside all copies are not sold out. Total sales raised £942.24 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Skull Friday : A Tape For DIL23 audio is now available in hi-res digital:

Photo Tribute To Dil23

A big thank you to Fiona (Dil's sister).

Dil23's Throbbing Gristle Charity Auctions

TG Poster Auction completed midnight 22nd June 2018. Final sums to be done but looks like approximately £350 going to MacMillan Cancer Support as part of the fundraising efforts. Thanks everyone, especially Fiona Bryce for donating them.


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