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The CyberNoise Assimilation 13th February 2017

The CyberNoise Assimilation is a weekly roundup of news, information, releases and events for all things related to electronic music. If you're an artist, record label, event organiser and would like some news to be assimilated be sure to contact us.

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Priority News

Assimilated on 13/02/2017

Andy Bell

Andy Bell @AndyBell_info + @manhattanclique offer FREE download of 'Love Oneself (Extended Version)' >>> view Andy Bell | event | Planet Clique


Concretism @concretism_mus to release new limited edition single at Independent Label Market @IndieLabelMkt April 2017 >>> view Concretism | event

Cyberaktif (cEvin Key + Bill Leeb + Dwayne Goettel)

Cyberaktif ( @cEvinKey + Bill Leeb of @F7A) to reissue 'Tenebrae Vision' on coloured vinyl LP 19/05/2017 via @artoffact >>> view Cyberaktif | event | Artoffact

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode @depechemode post video for 'Where's The Revolution' >>> view Depeche Mode | event | Columbia

Doubting Thomas (cEvin Key + Dwayne Goettel)

Doubting Thomas ( @cEvinKey of @skinnypuppy_) to reissue 'The Infidel' on coloured vinyl LP 19/05/2017 via @artoffact >>> view Doubting Thomas | event | Artoffact


Goldfrapp @goldfrapp post video for 'Anymore' >>> view Goldfrapp | event | Mute

Heaven 17

Heaven 17 @heaven17bef ( @martynware + @mrgregory) to pre-release new material via @BowersWilkins Society Of Sound >>> view Heaven 17 | event

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip offers 'Where's The Revolution' @depechemode cover, as Name Your Price download >>> view Leæther Strip | event

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip releases 'Yes I'm Limited VIII' compilation digitally via @rustbladelabel >>> view Leæther Strip | event | Rustblade


Ministry @WeAreMinistry to reissue 'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)' on 180g vinyl 10/03/2017 via @MusicOnVinyl >>> view Ministry | event | Music On Vinyl


Moby @thelittleidiot & The Void Pacific Choir release new single 'Erupt & Matter' >>> view Moby | event | Little Idiot


Orbital @orbitalband release digital remix single 'Kinetic 2017' >>> view Orbital | event


Pankow @Pankowband digital + limited 10" single 'Times' now available to pre-order via @artoffact >>> view Pankow | event | Artoffact



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