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The CyberNoise Assimilation 28th November 2011

The CyberNoise Assimilation is a weekly roundup of news, information, releases and events for all things related to electronic music. If you're an artist, record label, event organiser and would like some news to be assimilated be sure to contact us.

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Priority News

News Assimilated on 28/11/2011


Client have announced that Mute are working on an 'Introducing' compilation for release in Q1 2012, their web sites will be updated in December 2011 and they plan to tour again next year (2012). >>> view Client | Mute

Terence Fixmer

Terence Fixmer's 'A Journey To Uncharted Destinations EP' sampler is now available to listen to on Soundcloud - >>> view Terence Fixmer


Kloq played on the 'BBC Introducing in Essex' radio station on 25/11/2011. If you can access the BBC iPlayer you can listen to the whole show here - >>> view Kloq


Komputer (also I Start Counting / Fortran 5) have announced details of the release party on 17/12/2011 for their 'Konnecting' album - >>> view Komputer | Mute

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip to release a 20th Anniversary Edition of his original (and very rare) 'Yes I'm Limited'. The new version will be a 500 only limited edition on 12' vinyl with a CD - >>> view Leæther Strip |

Motor featuring Martin L. Gore [of Depeche Mode]

Motor's single (featuring Martin L. Gore of Depeche Mode) 'Man Made Machine' is being released soon. Bryan Black reports on Twitter that the final artwork is 'slick as hell'… >>> view Motor

Gary Numan

Gary Numan is officially auctioning off ultra-rare TEST PRESSINGS for the 'The Fall (Remixes)' (only 10 exist). The ones being auctioned are signed and come with signed paperwork e.g. hand written lyric sheet! >>> view Gary Numan

ohGr (of Skinny Puppy)

ohGr announces USA tour with Left Spine Down and Violet Tremors - >>> view ohGr


Orbital announce on Twitter that they have finished their new album! >>> view Orbital


Röyksopp announce Australian headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne - ticket pre-sale now on here (password is: BIGDAYOUT) - >>> view Röyksopp

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart released a very limited hand made/numbered 7' single 'Children Of The Revolution' for Record Store Day 'Black Friday 2011' (only 500 copies made) - head to your local independent record shop to try and find a copy! >>> view Mark Stewart

VCMG (Vince Clarke [of Erasure] + Martin L. Gore [of Depeche Mode])

VCMG's first EP 'Spock' will be released (in the UK) digitally on 12/12/11 and on 12' on 19/12/11. >>> view VCMG

Miscellaneous News


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