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The CyberNoise Directives 2014 (Best Of Year 2014)

by Graham Needham (© 14th December 2014)

The CyberNoise yearly lists are compiled from the music that has been played the most by the CyberNoise team this year, using various metrics including iTunes play counts, longevity, personal memory and most importantly those albums still on rotation months after their release - they are in no specific order. The gigs of the year and design awards sections are purely CyberNoise's favourites based on what stood out to us the most from this year! Well done to everyone on this year's lists. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

10 Albums Of The Year 2014

Apt Energy, Light And Darkness front cover image picture


• Energy, Light And Darkness
Laibach Spectre front cover image picture


• Spectre
Node 2 two front cover image picture


• Node 2
Surveillance Oceania front cover image picture


• Oceania
Liars Mess front cover image picture


• Mess
Wrangler LA Spark front cover image picture


• LA Spark
Land Observations The Grand Tour front cover image picture

Land Observations

• The Grand Tour
Information Society _Hello World front cover image picture

Information Society

• _hello world
Sinoia Caves Beyond The Black Rainbow soundtrack front cover image picture

Sinoia Caves

• Beyond The Black Rainbow soundtrack This soundtrack was recorded in 2012 but was only released to buy in 2014.
Concretism front cover image picture


• Town Planning Available from Norman Records

10 Compilations and Reissues 2014

John Carpenter & Shirley Walker Original Soundtrack OST Escape From L.A. LA Remastered and Expanded Limited edition CD front cover image picture

John Carpenter & Shirley Walker

• OST Escape From L.A. (Remastered and Expanded)
Limited edition CD (1500 copies only)
Jerry Goldsmith Original Soundtrack OST Runaway Limited edition CD front cover image picture

Jerry Goldsmith

• OST Runaway
Limited edition CD (Varese Encore Edition)
Bluetown Electronica Is It Time Yet front cover image picture

Various Artists

• Bluetown Electronica - Is It Time Yet?
Digital album
Klinik The Klinik 8xCD set front cover image picture


• The Klinik
Limited edition 8xCD set (1000 copies only)

Lassigue Bendthaus Matter front cover image picture

Lassigue Bendthaus

• Matter
Dark Entries limited edition vinyl LP+7" Vinyl LP+7" available from Dark Entries
Underworld dubnobasswithmyheadman 20th anniversary edition front cover image picture


• dubnobasswithmyheadman
20th anniversary edition - available as:
2xLP / CD / 2xCD / Blu-Ray Audio / 5xCD box set

Wendy Carlos Tron original soundtrack front cover image picture

Wendy Carlos

• Tron soundtrack
Limited edition 180g translucent blue vinyl 2xLP
Mark Snow The X-Files: Fight The Future expanded edition front cover image picture

Mark Snow

• The X-Files: Fight The Future soundtrack
(Remastered Expanded Edition)
Limited edition CD (3000 copies only)
Alan Howarth front cover image picture

Alan Howarth

• Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers
(Expanded Theatrical And Producers Cut Soundtracks)
Limited edition 2xCD (3000 copies only) Available from Buysoundtrax
Touched Two charity compilation front cover image picture

Various Artists

• Touched Two
255(!) track digital compilation featuring unreleased tracks Purchase via Bandcamp
All proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support

Gigs Of The Year 2014

29th January

Depeche Mode
O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic

10th February

Die Krupps
Rock Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic

12th March

Village Underground, London, UK

23rd May

Nine Inch Nails
The O2, London, UK

12th August

Marilyn Manson
Lucerna (Great Hall), Prague, Czech Republic

15th September

Carter Tutti Void
Oslo Hackney, London, UK

16th September

Dieter Meier
The Jazz Cafe, London, United Kingdom

4th October

Front 242
Divadlo Archa, Prague, Czech Republic

Officially Released Live Video Awards 2014

  1. 1st - Ministry - Last Tangle In Paris - Live 2012 DeFiBrilLaTouR

    Available as blu-ray+2xCD or DVD+2xCD
    >= Once again this year we're hard pressed to find three electronic music related live concerts being released on video and although this one's a little hard and heavy it's Al fuckin' Jourgensen and it's available on blu-ray so instant first place!

  2. 2nd - Depeche Mode - Live In Berlin

    Available as 2xDVD+2xCD+blu-ray audio or digital video download
    >= It's electronic music (just). It's live. It's Depeche Mode going through the motions. There's no blu-ray. 2nd Place!
  3. 3rd - Genesis - Three Sides Live

    Available as blu-ray, DVD or digital video download
    >= Scraping the barrel for electronic music related live concerts there is Genesis' Abacab live tour de force from the start of the eighties remastered and at least it's available on blu-ray!

Design Awards 2014

  1. 1st 3TƎETH - 3TƎETH

    black and white splatter vinyl LP with tooth shaped USB stick (90 copies worldwide)
    >= A tooth shaped USB stick of remixes comes with this glorious splatter vinyl copy of their original album - their album only just missed out on our 10 Albums Of The Year but they're on our "Recommendations For 2015" list (see below)!
  2. 2nd - Erasure - The Violet Flame

    3xCD deluxe box set (3000 copies worldwide of which 1000 signed albeit black pen on a black postcard - WTF?)
    >= Another lovely box set from Erasure including an enamel badge, a set of postcards, a lenticular print and a glass tealight holder!
  3. 3rd - Boris Blank - Electrified

    box set (limited edition)
    >= A fantastic, well made and presented box set with 3xLP+2xCD+1xDVD+1xCassette+booklet - design by Ian Tregoning

This year, although not strictly electronic music, honourable mentions must go to Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Inside The Pleasuredome" (the last remaining copies are available from Amazon UK) and The The's "Soul Mining (30th Anniversary)" (also available from Amazon UK) box sets. And although it hit our list last year the Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Collection 11xCD TARDIS box set has only just been released - the crazy world of box sets/limited editions eh?

Recommendations For 2015 - Watch and LISTEN out for them!
(Oh and BUY their stuff of course…)

The CyberNoise Directives


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